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Inert-Gas Enhanced Vocal Recording Booth

Use the properties of inert gasses with different densities
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People who can sing well are rightly treasured by the right- thinking part of society. While it is far from the be-all and end-all of vocal ability, vocal range is a desirable quality.

Some people, through a combination of genetics and training, have the ability to control the voice through 3,4 or even 5 octaves. Artists at the extremes of vocal range are often vulnerable to changing conditions, be that temperature, humidity, over/under preparation, a slight infection or even just age. This can be a problem in live performances, but we can't do much apart from just cheat there. But what about when recording new material? Well, the artist can easily have their vocals "tidied" up by a sound engineer and the ubiquitous electronic tomfuckery. However, this is often detectable, and a vocal artist of integrity* would likely be horrified.

So how do we squeeze another album of vocal acrobatics out of our aging megastar? Step into the bs0co Vocal booth. This remarkable bit of kit is unusually robust in design & construction due to its origins in the offshore deep diving industry. The booth/chamber will of course be acoustically lined and equipped with the preferred microphone of the artist. The artist is ushered into the chamber and the door sealed.

Now the singing begins. The artist is listening to the backing track, crucially, through bone-conducting headphones and their vocal through regular headphones. Can't hit the high-note? No problem, we open a valve to a helium/oxygen diving gas mix and now the chamber is about 10% helium. The speed of sound in the gas column in the artist's voice box goes up, and the high notes come easily. The same can be done in the opposite direction with an argon oxygen mix.

With care, this can be done rapidly and dynamically, the chamber's gas mix can fluctuate through the song and so the vocal range can be manipulated up & down on a breath-to- breath basis.

What about other aspects of singing? Want to hold a note? The bs0co vocal booth has you covered there. The chamber is pressurized to 2 atmospheres of pure O2, as soon as the artist starts the note, the pressure in the chamber is bled off toward 1 atmosphere, essentially doubling the lung capacity.

An aging vocal legend would likely love the "leak" of a raw track straight from the vocal booth mic... still got it.

*Others are available

bs0u0155, May 24 2022

// how Freddie Mercury hit those high notes // https://www.tandfon...015439.2016.1156737
[a1, May 24 2022]

Freddy Mercury https://www.etonlin...0.jpg?itok=8Gq3s4U-
[Voice, May 26 2022]

Frank Sinatra vs Freddie Mercury. Epic Rap Battles of History https://www.youtube...watch?v=K5a_v0MP_Fk
[Voice, May 26 2022]

High fall intonation https://www.british...gh-fall-intonation/
[4and20, May 26 2022]


       This would be the world's most dangerous vocal booth with a mind numbingly high mortality rate. [+]
doctorremulac3, May 24 2022

       I'd always wondered how Freddy Mercury hit those high notes; he must have had the prototype.   

       Bun [+]
whatrock, May 24 2022

       Whilst I’m pretty sure you can do most of those things with electronics these days, this is a much cooler and unique way. Maybe it can do strange and unpredictable stuff, therefore +
xandram, May 24 2022

       And here from the title I thought you wanted to swap out gasses within the recording chamber fast enough to change the singers pitch.   

       This is way better.   

       //how Freddy Mercury hit those high notes//   

       Can gay men sing in a higher register? I know they used to castrate boys to maintain their high voices. Maybe gay men have some of the same hormonal goings on.
Voice, May 25 2022

       //how Freddy Mercury hit those high notes//   

       They weren't particularly high, and what most people think of with Freddie is the perceived power, and that interesting fast vibrato. Mainly he was a showman in everything, including vocals.
bs0u0155, May 25 2022

       //I know they used to castrate boys to maintain their high voices. Maybe gay men have some of the same hormonal goings on. //   

       No. Come on. Testosterone and it's downstream derivatives/related hormones, and crucially, hormone ratios are responsible, at puberty, with promoting the development of secondary sexual characteristics. In males, this is a few things, the adam's apple/voicebox region enlarges, meaning that on average the tonal range is shifted down. Being gay may have foundations in neurology/neuroanatomy but it's fairly obvious from Freddie's Adam's apple and hairy everything that there's no difference in secondary sexual characteristics.
bs0u0155, May 25 2022

       //he must have had the prototype.//   

       And now he's dead. Coincidence?
AusCan531, May 26 2022

       I don't know about Farrokh but in my experience effeminate men have a higher vocal pitch than strait males.   

       Not all homosexual men are effeminate though.   

       So... the hormonal voice pitch theory bears study... while excluding sexual tendencies.   


       just my opinion   

       "High fall" intonation is very common in British English. Is it because so many of them are homosexual?
4and20, May 26 2022


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