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Fry potatoes and eat them
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The back end of this device contains a hopper of properly stored raw fries. (you need them refrigerated and stored in water) When you, the user, activates the machine the fries are pulled up a draining ramp and run one at a time along a path through oil of appropriate temperature. The time to complete the journey through the oil fries them perfectly. At the end of the line a shaker autosalts (and seasons if you like) them. They come out one at a time completely hot and fresh. A button allows you to halt the input from the hopper. When you're finished simply discard the in-process fries, drain the oil, and separate the fry mechanism for washing.
Voice, Apr 23 2022

Street fair donut machine http://www.lilorbit...oughnut-machine.php
[mylodon, Apr 27 2022]


       Can the journey of each potato chip be modified by making the mechanism into a miniature roller coaster?
xenzag, Apr 23 2022

       + yes and also what [xenzag] said. Like carnival fries, and another like a ferris wheel.
xandram, Apr 23 2022

       Finally, there will be enough.   

I've seen a "mini donut" machine that was a little like a log- flume ride. Apart from the "inversion" mechanism halfway along...
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 25 2022

       There must be some computing metaphor for this. Is serialization preferable, or parallelization?   

       But the action brings them in... mmm donuts
mylodon, Apr 27 2022

       [+] One could continuosly stock the freezer with bags of frozen/pre-cut fries, but for convenience the machine could include a press-and-grid system (like a certain quintupet of fry-slinging fellows, perhaps...) to convert whole potatoes into raw fries on demand and bypass the need for refrigeration entirely
mace, May 08 2022


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