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Infinite Crunchy Gum

zero calorie crunch sensation
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Small (1cm) ball with tiny linear gears inside, along 3 perpendicular axes.

When chewing along any dimension, it compresses a bit, with resistance, with a satisfying "crunch" sound.

The gear rotation provides energy for a speaker to augment the sound.

Tiny internal springs expand the dimension after each bite, to provide infinite* crunching.

(*Your mileage may vary.)

Yes, weight-loss food is still food, right? Zero-calorie foods are sold. And, yes, this sounds pretty disgusting, & may be my worst idea here.

sophocles, Apr 17 2014


       Is there a category for Food:Energy:Generation ?
normzone, Apr 17 2014

       all food is energy transfer/conversion after all.
sophocles, Apr 17 2014

       Should be attached to a fine chain and 10cm T-bar to prevent accidental swallowing.
pocmloc, Apr 18 2014

       //prevent accidental swallowing.//   

       That made me wonder.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 18 2014

       //And, yes, this sounds pretty disgusting, & may be my worst idea here.// Now I have to go look at your list of ideas, click on them all, read them all, rate them all, and then come back and comment. I'll be back.
blissmiss, Apr 18 2014

       [+] Had me at mechanical crunchy chewing gum, irregardless of any weight-loss claims.
FlyingToaster, Apr 18 2014


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