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New Gum Flavors

Why not Bazooka cookie-dough flavored gum?
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I'm sorry but there needs to be some good flavors of gum. I'm so sick of the old cherry, grape, strawberry gum. Can't anyone be eccentric? Give me new flavor ideas so that I can protest with against bubble gun factories.
agirl, Jun 30 2002

Popcorn-flavored gum http://www.sweetyscandies.com/novgum.pdf
NV 694 -- Baked, in novelty [reensure, Jun 30 2002]

Pepper flavored http://www.funshop.com/pepflavgum.html
[polartomato, Jun 30 2002]



       no, baked -- link   

       pickle, caviar
reensure, Jun 30 2002

       champagne / benfrost is back, try him for ideas!
po, Jun 30 2002

       How about mocha flavored "log-o-shit" gum? I'm dead serious about this. Should look as realistic as possible.
polartomato, Jun 30 2002

       Did that with a bit of fudge once on a friends lawn
Oh, how I laughed when they ran screaming
thumbwax, Jul 21 2002

       Cheeseburger, horseradish, Grand Marnier, eggplant, vanilla, salad, salt, honey, Tabasco, tobacco, tuna, halitosis (is that a flavor?), baked beans, mouthwash, pretzels, beer, vinegar, lard, curry, tacos, meatloaf, gin, ginseng, butter, creme brulee (with singed sugar exterior), peanut, marmalade, barbecued ribs, granola, wheat grass, molasses, chicken, clam chowder, salsa, Chateau Margaux '67, french fries, cassoulet, shabu shabu, nitrous oxide, Pernod.   

       Imminent breakthoughs in artificial flavor synthesis should have us chewing on damn near anything we can think of in the very near future. (see Eric Schlosser's "Fast Food Nation")
snarfyguy, Jul 21 2002

       ...And now, available on a strictly limited basis from madradish enterprises...   

       Flavours of the world boxed set. Gum flavours representing tastes peculiar to different regions that everyone else can't stand.   

vegemite, kimchi, yak, peanut butter & jelly, haggis, wasabi and vindaloo. The gold edition also boasts seal blubber and escargot flavours. Order now... the first 50 callers will recieve a complimentary pack of British pork pie gum complete with congealed aspic...
madradish, Jul 26 2002


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