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Inflatable Big Screen TV

Inexpensive Portable Entertainment
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Some of you may remember when inflatable neon furniture was all the rage. Picture a regular big screen TV with a small reverse dvd/projector in the back of it. Simple, thin wiring from back to front for remote control reciever and manual channel changing in the front. Cable jack on projector, if you want to set it up in your home. and with a battery powered option, you can even bring it camping to watch movies at night in the woods. The whole thing would weigh about 8-12 pounds, and have a carrying case with handle. Carrying case would have built in dvd holder slots. Would come in any color desired, transparent or solid.
Gryph, Aug 04 2005

Very big inflatable TV screen http://www.primetim...m/movie_theater.htm
Primetime [skinflaps, Aug 04 2005]


       A big hot gonflable Tv? The components would still be the original size and weight yes/no?
skinflaps, Aug 04 2005

       [skinflaps] No, to have the same size and weight of components would be pointless, it would defeat the whole purpose. Picture something like the TV in your link, but obviously MUCH smaller. With a projector on the inside of it projecting to the main screen, you would get a backwards image. So reverse the image and TADDAHH!! There you have it. Similar to a wall projector, but not as large because you don't need to have a flexible adjusting image.
Gryph, Aug 04 2005

       Ok, I'll take two of these.Please deliver via email.
skinflaps, Aug 04 2005

       The arguments against using inflatable technology for screens are large and manifold. Imagine my surprise to find that someone has already produced one. I suspect that it would make more sense to just market an inflatable rear projection screen with a small window at the back where you could site the projector. This would be a good option for those who already possess a projector and provide more options for those who do not. A thoroughly good plan.   

       [skin] - I have just returned from France where I had not one, but TWO opportunities to use the g-word.
wagster, Aug 04 2005

       Good Idea, at least unless you have a cat. My cat sometimes claws the speaker covering cloth of my TV. Imagine if your cat started clawing your inflatable tv. $1200 dollars down the drain. Also it would take forever to inflate depending on screen size. and what about when the projector bulb burns out? will you have to cut it open and do your best to glue it back together?
Dickcheney6, Apr 25 2008


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