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Avoid missing those crucial two minutes of Waterworld
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This is it! They're finally showing Gattaca on TV. But as you sit down to enjoy the show, you realize something: you don't have any popcorn to eat as you enjoy the 106 minutes of fine filmmaking! At the first commercial break, you sprint into the kitchen to heat some up in the microwave. By the time your munchies are ready,you've already missed several minutes of essential viewing.

Don't worry, because now your problems are solved with TelePop! TelePop is a popcorn dispenser conveniently located under your television set. Simply fill the marked compartments with popping corn, salt, and butter-flavored pisswater, and you should be ready to go. Simply press the 'Popcorn' button on your remote, located conveniently between 'Mute' and 'Recall', and TelePop will heat up your popcorn, season it, and send it tumbling down into the provided popcorn tub for you to pick up and crunch on. Not satisfied with your mid-movie snack? Onscreen, go to Menu-->Settings-->Popcorn to toggle the amounts of salt and artificial butter-crap that you want drizzled over your corn.

Never miss another minute of television again! TelePop! TelePop!


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DrWorm, Aug 21 2009

Your device could be the kernel of this one PSA_3a_20Popcorn_20Security_20Alarm
[normzone, Aug 21 2009]


       I've never understood the attraction for popcorn. It tastes like cardboard, smells disgusting and most of it seems to end up underfoot in cinemas. [-]
coprocephalous, Aug 21 2009

       what he ^ said.
po, Aug 21 2009

       what he ^ said.
tatterdemalion, Aug 21 2009

       Yum, I love popcorm.
Can I have their ^ share?
Dub, Aug 21 2009

       <empties tub of popcorn into [dub]'s lap> oops.
po, Aug 21 2009

       " It tastes like cardboard, smells disgusting "   

       This from a guy with the username of [coprocehalous] (link).
normzone, Aug 21 2009

       Yeah [CoPro], cacca mouth!
Dub, Aug 21 2009

       You know what's better than popcorn? Butter mixed with sugar. Add a little flour if you have to. Yum!
sninctown, Aug 21 2009

       There'll be a section for toffee flavouring right?
kaz, Aug 21 2009

       Of course. As well as an extra, unlabeled compartment for any add-ins the user might desire (peanuts, m&ms, etc.).
DrWorm, Aug 22 2009

       [kaz] & [silverstormer] all in one weekend - wow!
po, Aug 22 2009

       Apart from [silverstormer]. Did she delete?

       Hi [po]!
gnomethang, Aug 22 2009

       hey [po]! I should be back far more frequently now, just waiting for an idea to leap, fully formed into my brain.
kaz, Aug 22 2009


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