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Inflatable Bubble-Wrap

Bubble-Wrap that you inflate to use.
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This idea uses a similar principle to that of ice-cube makers (the floppy plastic ones).

There is a plastic sheet with a mesh of small pockets (like deflated bubble-wrap pockets) connected by very thin tubes running downwards. You wrap the item as normal, and put it in the box. Just before closing the box, however, you connect the hole at the top of the bubble-wrap to a small pump. You turn the pump on. After a while, a special pocket inflates at the top to inform you that it has reached optimum pressure. You then remove the pump and seal using one of those plastic zip-without-zip things. This gives an airtight seal.

When you unpack the item, the bubble-wrap can be ripped off, or carefully removed and deflated. During the journey the air will have fitted itself to the contours of the object, and will still suport and protect to object.

To prevent the whole column from popping when one bubble is punctured, and to facilitate easy bubble-popping fun, the previously deluxe-only feature has been incorporated into this idea. There are now ziplocks running in rows, cutting off the air channels between the bubbles. These are tightened automatically by a sharp pull on two tabs at the top.

dbmag9, Jan 21 2006

http://www.google.c...e+bubble+wrap&meta= [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 21 2006]

http://www.sealedai...hives/prq402_4.html INFLATABLE BUBBLE WRAP® PACKAGING SYSTEM [Dumb But Tough, Jan 22 2006]



       But my version inflates on after being put onto the object in quesion, therefore fitting around the object and cushioning it better. The systems I found on your Google search were all there simply to reduce space whilst storing the bubble-wrap itself.
dbmag9, Jan 21 2006

       I'm not convinced that the linked products couldn't be used exactly as you propose, but as this is a great idea and I've never encountered anything like it in real life: [+].
wagster, Jan 21 2006

       I cannot bring myself to vote for this because your system of joined bubbles (and they have to be networked to inflate the way they do) would not be poppable between the fingers. I can't bring myself to vote against such an imaginative idea either...
po, Jan 21 2006

       You could seal off the bubbles in the deluxe version. I was going to put that in the main idea, but I didn't want to confuse anyone. Please give me a croissant, po. It would mean so much to me.
dbmag9, Jan 21 2006

       then, tell me how you would seal the bubbles. I *need* to pop bubble-wrap!   



       I suppose that I could (manipulative genius that I am) tweak these things with my sharpened painted blood-red nails to the point that they shriek and yell for mercy and finally burst...   

       oh, go on then +1
po, Jan 21 2006

       Speaking of sealing off the bubbles... when you pack something in bubble wrap, especially something pointy, you invariably pop a bubble. Normally this isn't a problem but with your system one prick would burst all the bubbles - therein lies the weakness. I still like it though.   

       [po] - you could only burst one bubble, but it would effectively be one enormous bubble. Most satisfying.
wagster, Jan 21 2006

       I love it when inernet retailers ship the extra-grande bubble wrap with large products, computer components and the like... I dont mean the one-inch diameter bubbles, I mean the ones big enough to use as a pillow. the ~6x4 inch ones. I pop one of those in my kitchen, and it leavs the pots and pans reverberating. Louder than a .22, certainly. Pure bubble bliss.
roleohibachi, Jan 22 2006

       It wouldn't burst all the bubbles, but it would burst the whole column of them (I hadn't thought of that).   

       Therefore, the previously only-deluxe feature shall be incorporated into the idea. See the final paragraph.   

       Thanks a lot po. You have brightened my day.
dbmag9, Jan 22 2006

       DBT, that link has a definitely american accent...sometmes I just empathise with ally mcbeal   

       little db, ;)
po, Jan 22 2006


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