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Inflatable Life Pod

This storm-proof inflatable life preserving pod will see you through many a sea disaster
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I was thinking that there might be a better way to survive an ocean disaster than lifejackets and lifeboats. I was thinking of an inflatable pod that could float in any sort of stormy sea, provide protection from the elements (sun, wind, rain), and be easy to locate in a rescue. I came across the linked product, called a Giga-ball, and thought if you scaled it up a bit, and toughened the material. It just might be the ticket.

The product is a ball, made from seperate inflatable sections - similar in look to a soccer ball. Sure, an inflatable ball rolling on the open sea would be tossed around a lot, but you would still be safe. Perhaps one end could be weighted - perhaps filling one of the panels with sea water to help stabilize it. Translucent panels would provide light during the day, and a few "missing" panels would provide access. The inflated nature of the sphere would provide some insulation from the cold.

The only down-side I can think of is getting the panels thick enough so that the sphere is out of the water far enough to keep the survivor dry. Of course there would be drainage tubes between panels, so any water entering could exit quickly.

The bright color of the LifePod would make it very easy to spot in a rescue.

I imagine that the entire sphere could be filled from cartridges of highly compressed gas, and that valves within would inflate the entire device, but not allow deflation if a single panel ruptured.

trekbody, Feb 20 2006

Giga Ball http://www.stevespa...391f19bfded14fe59d6
An inflatable play sphere for kids. [trekbody, Feb 20 2006]

SWITLIK RESCUE POD http://www.solution...lik-rescue-pod.html
You could camp *on* a lake in this. [skinflaps, Feb 20 2006]

K2 Avalanche Ball http://images.googl...=Search&sa=N&tab=wi
A big self-infalting ball designed to make you 'float' on top of avalanches. When not in use it packs into a little backpack. [hippo, Feb 20 2006]

Hydro Bronc http://www.shapeups...qua/hydro_bronc.htm
[Shz, Feb 20 2006]

Hydro Bronc video http://www.national...ds/0107/hydrobronc/
[Shz, Feb 20 2006]


       Thank you for some of the links - although the Hydro Bronc is very interesting, it doesn't seem to offer much protection from the elements. The Switlik rescue pod is cool, but looks capsizable and looks like it could fill with water (although not sink). I was thinking of something that could stay above the water and drain.
trekbody, Feb 20 2006

       Just thinking the Hydro Bronc would make a good starting point. Maybe line the interior with your panels?
Shz, Feb 20 2006

       Yes - if it needed a more ridged structure - I was thinking to keep it as small and lightweight as possible though - to make it easy to store them shipboard. Perhaps a 1' cube if possible.
trekbody, Feb 21 2006

       Water zorb, perhaps?
skinflaps, Feb 21 2006


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