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jumping jetplane-jetboat

for fish school protection, anti pirate protection and for fun at Mach 2
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This is essentially a jet plane that can reach Mach 2 with jetplane engines but flies by skipping over the water using water jets and aerosol bearings from its skids (similar to pneumatic bearings) on flat floors), to elevate itself over the water.

This allows the vehicle to swiftly reach its destination at large distances of the ocean, and help troops or robots to swiftly deal with problems that occur far out in the ocean, like illegal fishing boats endangering large protected fish schools or pirates attacking a protected civilian ship.,

These jetplane-jetboats could be remotely controlled and contain onboard small autonomous drone-like submarines to be deployed and cut the nets etc, and android robotic soldiers to do any necessary policing.

Steering is done by a tail in the water and a tail in the air.

The protected ships and protected fish schools could have autonomous submarine units and boat units surrounding them, to monitor the area and radio in the swift jumping jet boat-plane if necessary.

High above the boat-plane is a tethered drone that checks the trajectory and warns the JJBP to avoid obstacles.

pashute, Feb 07 2024

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrofoil [pocmloc, Feb 07 2024]

https://en.wikipedi...ound-effect_vehicle [pocmloc, Feb 07 2024]

Fastest ship in the world, for now - 107 kph https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0z9E0zRb76c
Until [pashute]'s Jumping Jehoshaphat weighs anchor [a1, Feb 07 2024]

Fastest ever - 555 kph https://www.guinnes...cord-(fastest-boat)
Was a boat, not a ship. And still far short of Mach 2. [a1, Feb 07 2024]

Mach Speed - a "dimensionless quantity in fluid dynamics" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mach_number
[a1, Feb 07 2024]

hydrofoil drone. https://www.youtube...watch?v=IpBITaWxepo
[pashute, Feb 22 2024]

Luftkissen Gleiter ja ja... https://www.faceboo.../?v=469703655089330
[pashute, Feb 22 2024]

the problem with submerging a foil https://www.youtube...watch?v=kbnTKuIOTdw
[pashute, Feb 22 2024]

F1_20Submarine_20racing [hippo, Feb 22 2024]


       The description is not entirely clear, at first I wondered if you were describing a WIG and then I thought (given that it appears to be surface-piercing) that it is really a hydrofoil. In either case it would be well baked and widely know to exist... unless it is neither and there is some other engineering principle being used.
pocmloc, Feb 07 2024

       It's all of that but goes really, really fast. And supported / accompanied by submarine and airborne drones that go fast too.
a1, Feb 07 2024

       A tail in the water at Mach 2? Is that mach 2 in the water or in the air? What manner of unobtanium will you build this with?
Voice, Feb 07 2024

       hmmm.... ]pocmloc has a point about steering. But there's a solution. Steering with a jet of gas pointed at the water would be more effective than just a tail in flight. and maybe some thin wires with a whip movement could do the job without slowing the JJJ.   

       About ]A1's and ]Voice's questions (to be read: Everyone voiced their questions), it is very similar to a hydrofoil except it runs on an air cushion leaving the bottom of the hydrofoil skid-sleds. Even if as a boat it is just a plain old hydrofoil boat, it jumps out of the water and flies low to reach high speeds. The thrust is aimed at the water giving a better contra than pushing only thin air.   

       See Hydrofoil Drone link, only with jet engines.
pashute, Feb 22 2024

       Luckily oceans rarely have anything like small waves, for example, which would render this idea disastrously impractical...
hippo, Feb 22 2024

       ]Hippo, not so with hydrofoils so probably the same with a large enough JJBP. Also, ocean-crossing ACVs are WKTE.   

       Quote from aiaa.com:   

       Q: Do hydrofoils work in rough seas?   

       A: The evidence is that rough water has little effect on the overall performance of fully-submerged, automatically con- trolled hydrofoils, and that the ability of large hydrofoils to conduct mission operations in the open ocean is not significantly affected.
pashute, Feb 22 2024

       //fully-submerged// is the important qualification.
pocmloc, Feb 22 2024

       That makes sense, although it may not be possible to ensure, all of the time, that the hydrofoil is submerged and none of the hull touches the water.

This (and my earlier idea - see link) makes me wonder if there is a theoretical top speed for a submarine...
hippo, Feb 22 2024

       // theoretical top speed for a submarine //   

       Suoer-cavitating torpedos like the Russian Shkval can hit 230mph. A submarine could match that with a powerful enough engine. Once you solve for power, your next problem is steering the thing.
a1, Feb 22 2024

       I think the problem with really high speeds for submarines will be the pressure on the water in front of the submarine. If this water can't move out of the way fast enough it will be rapidly heated and turn to steam, probably in an explosive enough way to destroy the submarine and kill everyone on it.
hippo, Feb 22 2024

       Off topic: I wonder what happens if there is a high-pressure air or gas stream preceding the submarine. Would that allow it to move faster?
pashute, Feb 23 2024


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