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Inflatable RV

I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house..... up?
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The inflatable RV consists of an extended length cargo van with the last 4 feet of cargo space partitioned off. In that space is a floor mounted reversible inflation/deflation pump, a plastic holding bin with snap open front and top, and an inflatable "bouncy castle" type 4 room tent (sleeps 6-7), complete with screened windows and zippered doorways.

Also included is a rollout foam rubber mat to be placed on the ground before inflation of the tent, to prevent puncture from any debris. This mat rolls up to fit into a carrying tube attached to the top of the van.

Along the inflation tube is an on/off valve, allowing you to close off the air outlet so that the pump is not operating constantly. Deluxe model includes automatic valve and pressure monitor for auto reinflation, should some air leak out during the night.

Setup is a snap, just pull up at your campsite or RV park, jack into the electrical hookup, roll out the foam rubber mat and turn on the compressor. The large volume pump will have your inflatable abode ready in no time. If no electrical connection is available, a backup deep cycle battery and power inverter system has enough power for 4 complete inflation or deflation cycles, and is charged by the vehicle's electric system when the van is running.

Teardown is also extremely simple- just open the valve and flip the pump on reverse, and the tent vacuum packs flat, then roll it up and stow in the carry case in the rear of the van. Roll up the mat and hit the pavement.

Finally, you too can travel the country in your own RV, without the hassles of diesel fuel, narrow lanes or parking problems. Patch kit optional.

Mr Burns, Sep 20 2002

Tent with inflatable frame http://www.arch.nus...InflatableTent.html
[pottedstu, Sep 20 2002]

Inflatable dome tent http://www.buckmins...DomeTentInflate.htm
After an idea by Buckminster Fuller. [pottedstu, Sep 20 2002]


       Bliss: I looked and did not find this as an existing product, but I'm sure some seasoned google jockeys will probably prove me wrong.
Mr Burns, Sep 20 2002

       Inflatable tents are quite common. I'm not sure how this idea differs from putting an inflatable tent and a battery-powered pump in the back of your van.
pottedstu, Sep 20 2002

       For one, this is built into the van and simply pops out of the back door when you kick the pump on (keeping with the idea name of inflatable RV, not inflatable tent)... Keep jockeying, man..
Mr Burns, Sep 20 2002

       I think I would have liked it better if it inflated into a 'second story' for the van, but hey....
phoenix, Sep 20 2002

       I thought about that too, pheonix, but it just seemed like it would be too tempting to drive around without deflating the second story... wait, danger, that's what we're all about here, right?
Mr Burns, Sep 20 2002


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