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Inflatable packaging comb

Cushions odd-shaped objects
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This is in the form of a comb-shaped inflatable thing with a valve. The "teeth" of the comb are perhaps between 1 foot and 4 feet long, between 1 inch and 3 inches diameter depending on the application.

You have a selection of different sizes.

You place your fragile odd-shaped objects in their packing box or van or trailer, Insert the required number of combs around, between and through them. Inflate with the handy pump provided.

Safe travelling!

pocmloc, Aug 10 2020

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       This is a surprisingly good idea, but hardly halfbaked- far, far too practical.   

8th of 7, Aug 10 2020

       Airpacks are good, but single use - and take up a lot of storage space ...   

       A de/re-flatable design would be better - just means adding a small valve.   

       Quite a "green", environmentally-friendly solution, actually ...   

       <Reads previous line/>   

       <Starts full system diagnostics/>
8th of 7, Aug 10 2020


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