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Inflatable shoulder

I want my girlfriend to be comfy when she falls asleep in the cinema or on flights.
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An implant in my shoulder that I can inflate would reduce the pokeyness of my boney collar bone and provide her a much comfier pillow.
theleopard, Oct 05 2008

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       Better make sure it is tear*-proof.

* "pronounced "tier", not "tare"
coprocephalous, Oct 07 2008

       Why not implant one on her ear?
gnomethang, Oct 07 2008

       From the title, I was imagining something to soften the ride of cars when they drift off lane.
neelandan, Oct 07 2008

       Some sort of modified automotive airbag system ?   

       <sound of slow, deep, rhythmic breathing from girlfriend>   

       [theleopard] presses button on remote control ....   


       <paramedics remove girlfriend on spine board to neurosurgical unit>
8th of 7, Oct 07 2008

       Teenage Mutant Shoulders.
skinflaps, Oct 07 2008


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