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Inflatable tarp

Add rigidity and protection
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A tarp with any number of internal chambers for holding air. Wrap it over the item to be protected (car, plane, pool, etc), tie it down and inflate it.

Granted, the additional protection is minimal, but with enough air small branches and light hail will be easily deflected. Also, cheap tarps can let stains (from long sitting leaves) get through.

Could also be used as a large (albeit thin) air mattress.

phoenix, Dec 24 2007

Bubble Wrap Site http://www.virtual-...ap.com/popnow.shtml
virtual popping [csea, Dec 24 2007]

Hot Tub "Floating thermal Blanket" http://www.rhtubs.com/store/float.htm
Heavy Duty Bubble Wrap [csea, Dec 24 2007]

Lifting air bag http://img.directin...fting-bag-43247.jpg
The tarp may be able to do some heavy lifting also [Sunstone, Mar 29 2009]

Self Inflating Pad http://www.rei.com/...EB&mr:referralID=NA
I got one fo these for camping - it's unbelievable light and small when rolled up. [DIYMatt, Mar 30 2009]


       Eminently sensible.
DrCurry, Dec 24 2007


       Hope it's more puncture resistant than the last one I bought.   

       Like this but thicker plastic [link]? I'm sure there are pros and cons to permanently sealed bubbles versus inflatable.   

       Heavy duty bubble wrap is also sold for as a floating cover for hot tubs. [link2]
csea, Dec 24 2007

       very nice! tie it securely though.
po, Dec 24 2007

       and if you used it to protect your grass would it be called a tarp o'lawn ?
xenzag, Dec 24 2007

       // beaten copper kettle //   

       Maybe you should have bought some warm woolen mittens for your car ...
8th of 7, Dec 24 2007

       [+] If I saw this in the store I would definately buy it. I don't know why this would be useful other than the fact that it would be perceived to be a better tarp. Seems like it would be lighter even though there would be that second layer. It even seems like it would be easier to use.
Jscotty, Dec 24 2007

       For reasons I can't articulate other than it would be fun and funny and could possibly and once and for all create the "magic carpet" we've all pined for, I suggest filling the tarp with helium. If it were tied down at the corners, it would create a tarp that would literally float over what ever it's protecting. No contact = no scratches, etc.
Arcana, Dec 25 2007

       The tarp could be filled by the engine exhaust; if the tarp were made of the proper materiel it could be used as a lifting airbag.
Sunstone, Mar 29 2009

       I would definitely get one - I have to park my car under trees and always worry about branches falling on it. But in response to the inflating questions, I have an idea. Make the pockets out of the self-inflating material that sleeping-pads (for backpacking) are made out of. Foam fills the pockets, and when you unroll it, it inflates itself. Of course there would be the issue of it holding water then, so I guess you could make the outermost layer waterproof.
DIYMatt, Mar 30 2009


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