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Car cover to look like another car

A fitted cover for a car, printed on the outside to look like a different car.
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Or a more respectable version of the same car.

Performs the usual car cover functions, adds some urban camoflage.

afinehowdoyoudo, Sep 27 2014

Old Car cover to New Car https://www.youtube...watch?v=URn-k4_R-qs
[tatterdemalion, Sep 29 2014]

Clip on SUV shell Clip-on_20SUV_20shell
Whaleskin hubcaps best part of this idea. [bungston, Nov 19 2016]

Mock Ferrari car cover http://i.dailymail....0578-40_634x424.jpg
[not_morrison_rm, Nov 19 2016]

Car dazzle paint https://s-media-cac...d51c0532b292dd9.jpg
[not_morrison_rm, Nov 20 2016]

Invisible-ish car paint job https://www.google....=bv.139250283,d.dGc
[not_morrison_rm, Nov 20 2016]


       Beyond just printing a different car, you could include strategic foam pads to change the apparent shape as well.
Park your fancy sports car --> cover goes on, looks like Joe's average hatchback.
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 29 2014

       This is a very clever idea. It absolutely has to have been thought of before right?   

       Well, checked on line, only saw car covers with the car it's covering printed on the outside.   

       I'm thinking the natural thing to have would be a Ferrari or a Lamborghini printed on your Volvo station wagon car cover.
doctorremulac3, Sep 29 2014

       A cover that makes the expensive car appear to be a clunker. A Ferrari or a Lamborghini pretend s to be the 20 year old Volvo or Chevy. Or an "A1 Security" patrol car.
popbottle, Sep 29 2014

       Or a Cadillac Cimarron made to look like a Chevy Cavalier.
Spacecoyote, Sep 29 2014

       I carry my Smart Car around in a Range Rover - does that count?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 29 2014

       The Delorean time-machine cover would sell like hot-cakes.   

       //The Delorean time-machine cover would sell like hot- cakes//   

       True, you don't want to leave a fully functional time machine on the side of the road. Probably best to disguise it as an innocuous police box or something.
bs0u0155, Sep 29 2014

       //The Delorean time-machine cover would sell like hot- cakes//   

       That's friggin' brilliant.
doctorremulac3, Sep 29 2014

       If your the police or private eye, A car cover you can see through from inside the covered car ( regardless of what looks like on the outside ) would let you sit unnoticed all day in front of a target house. Bits of one way glass or plastic.   

       Thieves could case places unnoticed as well .
popbottle, Oct 01 2014

       This would be even better if the cover was opaque, suitably padded (or with inflatable pockets) as [neutrinos_shadow] suggests, and have the lower part of the distinctive front grille of a seriously top-end vehicle at the front - fabricated in rigid fibreglass, complete with glasswork, badging and chrome.   

       Available in Audi Quattro RP, Bugatti Veyron, McLaren F1, Konigsegg, Gumpert, Zonda and a few others.
8th of 7, Nov 19 2016

       Err, found a fake Ferrari one, sort of, see link.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 19 2016

       [afinehowdoyoudo] Planning a getaway are we?   

       This would work as a practical joke from afar as well.
wjt, Nov 23 2016


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