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Inflatabubble flailer

Not much of a notion, but still...
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Inflatable flailing tube men are great attention getters at festivals or for advertising purposes.
I think it would be next to impossible not to look at one if a fine mist of soapy water was sprayed above the blower at its base.

Bubbles of all sizes would begin to erupt from its entire body as the droplets coat its interior, while larger serpentine bubbles emerge from its head and arms as it flails... and maybe with a strobe light.

hmmm, what do you think my chances are of talking my wife into letting me rent one of these things?

WackWavingInflatableArmFlailingTubeMen! http://www.youtube....watch?v=YtespeLin2c
IN WEEKAPAUG!!! [EdwinBakery, Feb 14 2011]


       [2 fries], please tell your wife officially from me that you are authorised - nay, commanded - to try this.   

       [mrs 2 fries] please note that your husband is acting for the greater good of humanity - it would be immoral for you to try to prevent this. I know that we can count on your understanding.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 13 2011

       [+] yes and please tell your wife that she is such a bubbly person, too!!
xandram, Feb 14 2011


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