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Vapor-filled Bubble Machine

Fill your child's room with vapor-filled bubbles
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I have a "cool mist vaporizer" which I use to keep the air in my 6-month-old daughter's room from being too dry. I also have a battery-operated bubble machine which I use on occasion to make her smile. The vaporizer works as you would expect, it pours out a visible stream of vaporized water into the air. The bubble machine works similarly; upon pulling a trigger, it lofts a continuous stream of bubbles, each about 5 cm in diameter.

It seems to me that kids would -really- enjoy a bubble machine that puffed out vapor-filled bubbles. The bubbles would seem that much more magical if they dissipated into a puff of "smoke" upon popping. This device would need two reservoirs, one for the tap water to be vaporized, and another for the bubble solution.

Note: After half-baking this idea, I have discovered that a similar device is in existence (the "vapo-blaster"), but it requires a special "vapor fluid" rather than normal tap water. The proposed device serves both as a child's toy, and as a utilitarian household vaporizer

swimswim, Jun 17 2009


       At 6 your daughter will not be too upset if you disassemble these two things in the name of scientific endeavor. I recommend you loop the theme to A-team as you do it. Make bubbles with vapor. Yes, yes!   

       A smoke bomb, as those in the know know, will do fine under water. Add dishwashing detergent or bubble soap and there you have it: Colored smoke bubbles!   

       What bungston would really enjoy is a video showing a bubble maker that makes oxyacetylene filled bubbles, which are then detonated by a spark thrower. Second best is a video of someone farting underwater in a bubbly tub, then igniting fart bubbles with a cigarette in a long Audrey Hepburn-style holder.
bungston, Jun 17 2009

       How did I miss this one?...   

       I like it, but I wonder if water-vapor filled bubbles would tend to just drop from the added weight.   

       I had an idea for a destructive, but cute weapon. One day I'd appear in a busy downtown centre wearing a plush mascot costume, pastel in color, with unseen layers of body armour beneath. On my back there would be a very large canister, probably so large it has its own additional wheeled legs. This would be connected to by a hose to a spray gun I carry in my hands. When I start firing, a stream of innocent bubbles would extend from the muzzle. Laughing, giggling clapping people would gather around shouting in songful voices. Suddenly the scene transforms when someone realizes these are no oridinary bubbles. They stick to you, are very difficult to pop, and are lighter than air. When they reach sufficient number they lift objects and people into the air - which eventually crash into the ground.   

       Muahaha- the costume eyes glow red as the gathered people try to disperse, but the bubbles are everywhere. People are carried kicking and screaming into the sky by huge suds, while others rain from the sky and burst like the jelly-filled meat donuts that we are on the ground. Soon the downtown area is empty, and I am surrounded by the carnage of man and machine. Emergency response vehicles arrive, and now aiming the muzzle at myself, someone shouts "he's going to end it".   

       Muahaha- I cover myself in a barrage of bubbles and am gently lofted into the sky. Because of constant replenishment there is no hazard to my safety. With the bubbles I form a giant floating sky base. To be continued.
rcarty, Sep 08 2013

Have you been contacted by the Maniacal-Genius-Guild yet?
Oh... and if the buoyancy came from methane it would greatly enhance the torture by incorporating an olfactory terror to the plummet.
Just sayin.


       Well, it would if methane weren't odourless.
spidermother, Sep 08 2013

       It doesn't have to be...   


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