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Ingrown toenail calendar

Archaically revived calendar
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Before they made calendars based on visual stuff like the moon or the sun, people must have, in antiquity, had calendars based on physical cycles, probably the most recent and significant of which would have been the moon - menstruation bridge, but a more ancient relative may have been an INGROWN TOENAIL CALENDAR, based in the increment of time that it took for the average human, between tearing a toenail off and feeling the pain of the resulting ingrownn toenail, to become conscious of the connection. It's kind of a measure of consciousness to be able to relate the two, much like at some point it would have measured our consciousness to be able to connect the full moon and ovulation cycles.

My reading of ingrow toenails is that they first happen on the big toe as a result of tearing a relatively soft toenail away so that it is too short -- and the corner of the nail grows into the soft puffy skin at the edge of the nail. To avoid them you can not tear your toenails, which takes you remembering that the pain results from the original tearing of toenail, which talkers a certain power of memory and association, which must have developeded at some point in our evolution, coincidental to the softness and shape of both our toenails and the surrounding fold of skin.

The increment of time, which is around a week, would probably have been drawn together our first ancestors in the recognition of that time increment because the ones who did recognize it spent more of their time having babies then the ones who didn't recognize it and spent more of their time stubbing their painful toes in the process of chasing Dow wolly mammoths. There may have been clans of our ancestors based around this recognition, Clan of the holy Toe- Week, and religious customs - thou shalt not tear thy toenails.

JesusHChrist, Aug 04 2012




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