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Instigation Day

Start projects, create objects, plan legacy
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Today should be used to start as many projects and to create as many lasting works as possible. As a kind of protest against anniversary commemoration in the future.
pocmloc, Feb 29 2020


       A good day for executing unwanted* politicians, so they are forgotten sooner.   

       *Not all are unwanted; the worst specimens can be slowly tortured to death in amusing and entertaining ways, as an example to the others.
8th of 7, Feb 29 2020

       [+] for instigation day being every day   

       [8th] that's not very nice, and I don't recall anything in the Star Trek canon that would support the Borg taking such action. If everything in life is politics, then isn't everyone a politician?
sninctown, Feb 29 2020

       [+] Nice, a day to stimulate pushing procrastination out of way, and getting people to realize those world changing, back of the cupboard ideas.
wjt, Feb 29 2020

       Causing future confusion and maybe even chaos...priceless. Yay.
blissmiss, Feb 29 2020


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