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Injector cleaner added while fueling

Fuel injector cleaner pumped in while fueling
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For convenience, and to increase profits for the service station: Add an option to press a button and have fuel injector cleaner added to the fuel while fueling up. The additional cost would be added to the final fueling bill.
Sunstone, May 15 2008


       convenient, but not much more convenient than adding a bottle of the stuff which is 3' away in a rack by the pumps.
FlyingToaster, May 15 2008

       Many years ago, UK filling stations used to have pump-dispensers for "Redex" top-end lubricant next to the fuel pumps. So this is sort-of baked, many years ago. A reasonable idea none the less. [+]
8th of 7, May 15 2008

       Baked, I think Texaco used to advertise adding Tecron to their fuel, "Drive your car clean".
MisterQED, May 15 2008

       I don't trust the fuel supplier to give me good product to start with, much less feel comfortable allowing them to add options.   

       Now, if you could make ammunitions that cleaned my firearms as I used them...
normzone, May 15 2008


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