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Hands-Free Gas-Getter

lets you do more than pump gas
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Fuel pumps in the US used to let you "lock" the fill-lever on the pump handle, so you could fill your tank "hands-free". Many stations now disable that function. My personal workaround is to hold the lever up with my gas cap turned sideways. I've seen other people use cell phones and an occasional block of wood (which I can only assume they keep in the car for that purpose). Enter the Hands-Free Gas-Getter (OK, someone think of a catchy name). I envision it made of plastic (cast aluminum would also work) and made to sit in the hand-space of the pump handle and hold the fill-lever up. Figure out a way to make it key-chainworthy and I can see it at the checkout register of Quik Marts everywhere.

[edited to make the keychain optional]

mpmarus, Jul 31 2002

Easy Pump http://dynamic-living.com/easy_pump.htm
not what I'm after, but addressing a similar need... [mpmarus, Jul 31 2002]

Unmanned Fuel Tanks http://www.halfbake...nned_20Fuel_20Tanks
Never have to go to the gas station again! [dag, Aug 01 2002]


       mpmarus: Biscuit time! Those handles get COLD in the winter when you're standing there freezing your ass off holding the lever.   

       I've found that wedging my wallet in the pump handle works quite well, however I wouldn't leave it unattended.
Mr Burns, Jul 31 2002

       I will just note that the "full" sensors on pumps routinely do not work properly for ultra premium gas (petrol). No idea why that is, but your device wouldn't be any help for it either.
DrCurry, Jul 31 2002

       Maybe your fill-er-up lever-locker could rachet up from a smaller size that could adhere to the inside of the gas tank lid with a magnet?
FarmerJohn, Jul 31 2002

       [FJ] Yes, I thought of the ratcheting idea, too, although not for the same reason as you. If we could make the ratchet sturdy enough, yours would be an ultrahandy modification! [DC] Aha! That would explain the disappearance of the locks...
mpmarus, Jul 31 2002

       Gasoline does not continue to flow into itself the way water, apple juice, etc. does. Which is why, even with the self-supporting devices that keep you filling hands-free, it stops when full. It's not a sensor, just a function of the physics of the stuff and the shape of your gas tank and inlet to it.   

       In MN, the locking devices nearly always work. Where have you seen them disabled? Ever asked why?
djanaba, Jul 31 2002

       [DrC] Couldn't we put a "not for use on premium pumps" disclaimer on there?   

       Besides, my Kia wouldn't know what to do with premium...
mpmarus, Jul 31 2002

       liability I suspect. they are disappearing around vancouver as we speak. We also have the Full Service ONLY thing in some areas (as does Oregon I think?) with big signs saying "It is Dangerous To Pump Your Own Gas" - but feel free to drive over two blocks to where they will willingly let you blow yourself up.
rbl, Jul 31 2002

       djanaba: most assuredly, gas will keep flowing even when the tank is full (and yes, I speak from personal experience).
DrCurry, Jul 31 2002

       Many stations are disabling them in my area. Last year, there was a case of the full-sensor not kicking in, and a lot of gasoline spewed out of the tank and all over the gentleman standing next to it. (This station's pumps also did not have the round shield behind the pump handle.) He was burned quite badly from it.
waugsqueke, Aug 01 2002

       I've never ever seen attendant service at a petrol station here in England.
NickTheGreat, Aug 01 2002

       But then you're a mere child. I've not seen them for many years.
angel, Aug 01 2002

       There's one just winding down (due to retirement) in swanea, just round the corner from the Uplands Caff. It was cheap, and had a fantastic little shop where you could buy all the electrical knick-naks which you were never quite sure where to go to for.   

       No-one seems to want to buy it, despite its roaring trade and dedicated customer base. Sad.
yamahito, Aug 01 2002


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