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Inline Character

Send one glyph
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There have been times I wanted to to add a single character from an odd font to a document (HTML, word processing, etc). I propose a format similar to that used for vector fonts, but usable to easally export one character for inclusion into a document. Similarly, I would like an extention to the HTML language that would support a "glyph" object... just like a charachter in how it can be scaled, displayed in different colors, etc, but included in the document with a src= type thing.
badoingdoing, Dec 30 2000


       If you create a reasonable-sized bitmap version of your glyph, you can imbed it in your text using, e.g.,   

       <img src="whatever" style="height:1em;width:1em">   

       This will cause the image to automatically be scaled to whatever font size is in use at the time.
supercat, Dec 31 2000

       That's one of the promises of the Scalable Vector Graphics standard, as I understand it: specify your special character as an SVG document and reference it in your HTML, CSSable and everything. Not that I understand the standard, that is--it's (some say overly) complex.   

       dictionary.com uses supercat's suggestion for special characters in pronunciations.
markfox, Jan 01 2001

       Yes. SVG solves the problem with supercat's suggestion, which is that browsers don't scale bitmap images very well.
egnor, Jan 01 2001


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