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.mp4 HD

Make an HD compression format for .mp4 filetypes.
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iPods and other portable media players only accept video in AVC/.mp4 format. .mp4 files are limited to 640x480 resolution. This is fine for displaying on an iPod-sized screen, but rather poor if you want to hook your iPod up to a TV, or use one of many other solid state media drives meant for TV viewing. To solve this there should be an HD version of AVC with at least 720x480 resolution, albeit more compressed than other HD formats. They would take up more space on your device but be easily recognized by many media players and look good on your TV. Maybe good enough to finally replace DVDs (?)
DIYMatt, Apr 30 2009

AVCHD http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AVCHD
like this? [xaviergisz, May 01 2009]


       LOL I was asking for that :)   

       I'm aware of the AVCHD codec, and the filetype ends in either .mts or .m2ts making it incompatible with iPods. Why I do not know, but those programers do like to make things complicated.
DIYMatt, May 01 2009

       This sounds a bit like a format war and the AVCHD format is probably intended to be incompatible with the iPod in order to sell the things it is compatible with.
Aristotle, May 01 2009


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