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Inner-Tubular Bells

Famous music album by Mike Oldfield remade using a new type of instrument
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When an inflated car tyre's inner-tube is struck with a stick, it makes a particular, unique ringing type of sound, which could be called a sort of "toingk".

If a collection of tubes are partially filled with water to varying degrees, then inflated to a variety of pressures, and hung up from a frame, they form the instrument, known as The Inner-Tubular Bell.

Now all you need do is remake that famous album, with the invited voice of Mike Oldfield himself, describing each inner-tube sequence in turn, as it is struck in the same order as the original album.

xenzag, Oct 04 2006

Tubular Bells http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tubular_bell
The instrument [xenzag, Oct 04 2006]

Tubular Bells http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Tubular_Bells
The album [xenzag, Oct 04 2006]


       Dimdimdimedimdimmi dimDimdimdimedimdimmi
(noise of converted automatic weaponry being 'tinged' by Mike)
Dimdimdimedimdimmi dimDimdimdimedimdimmi
(sound of small citrus fruit being squished, melodically)
Dimdimdimedimdimmi dimDimdimdimedimdimmi
"One slightly distorted bassoon"
(appropriate noise joins the fray)
Dimdimdimedimdimmi dimDimdimdimedimdimmi
"Inner. Tubular. Bells!"
<toingk! t-toingk toingk toingk toingk toingk - toi-ioingk t-toingk toingk toi-i-ioink t-toingk toingk toingk etc>
zen_tom, Oct 05 2006

       You must have quite an old car if it actually has inner-tubes!   

       Modern tires are tubeless.
webfishrune, Oct 05 2006

       Here's one to confuse the classifiers of musical instruments. To set up a whole orchestra you'd have to go from say, motor scooter tires to those mega big truck tires. It would be one of the few musical instruments that could easily double as a recreational flotation device. Fun!
esperance, Oct 05 2006

       +…I’m thinking hallucinogenic tubing…
xandram, Oct 05 2006


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