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Melodies of Movement

sports music
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Passing the open door of a gymnasium yesterday, my ears registered the unique sounds of a friendly floorball game. It lacked supporters and had few utterances of pride or disappointment or tactics calls to teammates. The squeaks and squeals of gym shoes twisting and braking against the floor reminded me of the spring cries of birds outside. The intermittent swishing crack of the sticks making contact with the holed ball and the pounding of feet that approached and retreated enhanced the pleasant refrain.

Each sport, sans spectators, has its own staccato melody. The drum dribbling of basketball with sporadic slaps as the ball is passed and caught, compose a unique background to the friction wails of shoes on polished wood.

Badminton includes the hiss and dull pop of racquets giving the feather ball new trajectories, resembling a hot summer day of flitting dragonflies and surface-snapping fish.

The ever changing beat of a table tennis game, “click clack click clack,” drones on with the erratic heartbeat of a confused grandfather clock.

Like a dramatic thunderstorm, the crescendos of an ice hockey match are built on slicing skates that whoosh like wind-propelled rain. Sudden cracks of thunder startle as stick hits puck or a player is tackled into the side. Their voices calling out to each other sound like performers on a dimly lit stage singing their fear and encouragement.

FarmerJohn, Apr 27 2005

Floorball http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floorball
[FarmerJohn, Apr 27 2005]


       nice prose [FJ], I like those sounds too, but there's no invention here.
dentworth, Apr 27 2005

       The invention is the production of meditative and dramatic music based on sport sounds, labeled or to be guessed. I attempted to describe the feel of such “melodies” without entirely fogging over the core idea.
FarmerJohn, Apr 27 2005

       I bet this is very bakable in techno music. my son who writes techno would record the various sounds you describe and sit for a few hours coordinating them into rhythms. Then if melody is wanted, he may include a whistle, or a lone Japanese meditation flute (shakuhachi)sort of sound.
dentworth, Apr 27 2005

       It may have been a TV commercial...I remember where someone did a piece of music based on sampled sounds that a car made: engine, slamming doors, horn, etc. This would be like that, only different.
half, Apr 27 2005

       half: if you're British and of a certain age, you might be thinking of the theme to a BBC automotive programme. Can't recall name, but I do recall that it was put together by Delia Derbyshire of Radiophonic Workshop/Dr Who theme fame. It was on an album of the Workshop's finest that I used to own until one of those heathen techno laddies stole it from me.
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 27 2006


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