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Insect Ack-Ack

Kill those pesky insects before they hit your windsheid.
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Though cleverly disguised as a hood ornament, the Insect Ack-Ack is a tiny laser-blaster designed to target and destroy kamikaze insects before they have a chance to hurl themselves against your clean windshield.

Flak (bits of tin-foil) could be sent up when encountering larger enemy squadrons.

spiraliii, Oct 21 2003

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       [+] What is the last thing to go through an insect's mind when he hits your windscreen? His butt.
Helium, Oct 21 2003

       I thought "Ack Ack" was the sound you made when you swallow an insect whilst riding a motorcycle.
Cedar Park, Oct 21 2003

       Heh. Indeed it is.   

       I propose a different solution: an ionizing plate on the radiator which electrically charges any objects coming close to it. Combine with a powerful (500,000 volts or more) electrostatic generator and you can automatically blast bugs apart with lightning. Looks cool at night, too. Rain might be a problem - but there are no bugs out when it rains, so no matter.   

       Plus, it deals with the irritating drunks who jump on the hood of your car as you drive around downtown on friday night.
Macwarrior, Oct 21 2003

       // an ionizing plate on the radiator which electrically charges any objects coming close to it //   

       Just use a large, exposed Americium-241 source. You'd have to scrape the oxide layer off every now and then, though. But they ionise small, particulate matter (like dust, insects and drunken wankers) very well.
Detly, Oct 21 2003

       Radiation might be a problem. But what can I say? Nothing is more efficient, and you can get it cheaply from smoke detectors.
Macwarrior, Nov 27 2003

       Not in the quantities I'm thinking of.
Detly, Nov 27 2003

       One day I was driving around with a passenger, and a bug splatted against the windshield -- and the passenger said this:
"I bet he doesn't have the guts to do that again!"
Vernon, Nov 28 2003


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