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Tombola Royale

Driver-only assist.
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"Now pay attention Bond, and put down that prototype Dessert Eagle"

Ruefully, Bond laid the large calibre pudding spoon on Q's workbench.

"We've been going over the Aston, and we've made some improvements", continued Q, testily.
"Our boffins have analysed the footage from your latest mission from Italy to Croatia from the on-board cameras, and they've concluded that with your advancing years, your aim isn't what it used to be. You need to get your edge back."

"An online database of locations give the precise coordinates and configuration of all the targets, updated daily from our TIR network, and is downloaded to the databanks of the car.
Approaching any one of hundreds of targets, GPS data will retrieve the target details and the car's central computer will select the correct magazine for the location in question.
The crossbow will deploy from the passenger seat headrest, optimally orientated, and then will be elevated for the target location, compensating for tyre pressure and ride height.
Windage is calculated from anemometers disguised as bonnet ornaments, and at precisely the correct moment, the electric windows will be commanded to lower by high-pressure pneumatics."
"At this point - Bond, leave Moneypenny alone - complex image recognition algorithms take over using the bore-sight camera, and the magazine is engaged."
"At the precise moment calculated by the ballistic computer, the disc ammunition is electrically spun to stabilise it, and fired by compressed gas at the coin slot."
"Blofeld won't get away so easily next time, just because you're alone in a right-hand drive car at a European toll-booth"

"Ingenioush", whistled Bond, softly.

coprocephalous, Oct 27 2009


       "No change there, then ....."
8th of 7, Oct 27 2009


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