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exploding head nodding dog

those silly nodding dogs would be more amusing if their heads flew off in a puff of smoke every so often.
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I have a prototype that comes with an air line that is connected to the car’s brake pedal. the container (the dog’s body) is pumped with air until after so many squeezes, the pressure in the container projects the dog’s head from its body at speed.

n.b. a word to the wise; position the nodding dog so that the head does not fly through the open (or even, heaven forbid - closed) window. a little experimentation should resolve this.

a supply of talcum powder in the dog’s body compartment should provide what looks like a puff of authentic smoke and by joining the airline to the brake pedal and not one of the others, then the dog’s head will only explode when the car is at rest and hopefully also the car behind. this thoughtful measure is so that prosecutions for damage do not occur as the result of the driver behind being distracted.

the dog’s head can be retrieved remotely via a retracting cord much like an automatic tape measure, as the journey continues.

po, May 21 2005


       Which airline are you using? KLM?
waugsqueke, May 21 2005

       You have air in your brake line? HGV?
Basepair, May 21 2005

       Everything else in the HB in harnessed to provide energy. Why not harness the bobbling action of the bobblehead so the dog pumps itself up?
bungston, May 22 2005

       Better yet, oh yes, use one of [squogglewonker]'s earthquake energy harvesters, attached to the dog's head, to power a small pump.
Basepair, May 22 2005

       But wouldn't you only get one puff befor you would need to replace the talcum powder?
hidden truths, May 23 2005

       <thinks...> attach a retracting cord to that as well <for a moment...>
goatfaceKilla, May 23 2005

       Really [po] - you're starting to sound like [afro]. Next you'll be loading the heads with dynamite.
wagster, May 23 2005

       Bomble heads.
Yo quero taco boom.

       Those would even more popular if they were Bush dolls instead of dogs. There are lots of angry liberals out there who would pay good money to have Bush's head blown off.
hobbitcoat, May 23 2005

       agreed, how could you make that work?
po, May 24 2005

       no, to hit it off the shelf, something would need to penetrate the glass.
po, May 24 2005

       there's plenty of room in the dog's body portion to incorporate a talcum powder reservoir that is drawn by a venturi. attn: hidden truths 2005
cornpad, Jan 12 2008


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