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Insect driven cars

Connect an insect brain to a computer in the car's navigation system
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I read De-Groof's annotation to another HB idea, and thought of this one.

See "locust navigation for cars" http://www.ini.unizh.ch/~giacomo/papers/pdf/stirling97.pdf

The idea is to connect an insect's brain to a computer in the car's navigation system

Probably possible, but the truth is I hope it's never implemented. It seems it would be better to emulate the insect's "brain" (or brains), or better yet, to find a way of communication so they agree to drive our cars. (We'de have to pay them some way)

pashute, Oct 01 2002

Bug brains on cars. http://nersp.nerdc....hos/That_Gunk2.html
[Amos Kito, Oct 01 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Insect causes an accident http://www.cdc.gov/...000058/d000058.html
[Amos Kito, Oct 01 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

What to wash bugs with http://www.prestone.com/products/26.jpeg
A little to the upper left, ahhhh [thumbwax, Oct 01 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Analog VLSI model of Locust DCMD Neuron Response http://www.ini.uniz.../pdf/stirling97.pdf
The paper [pashute] referenced. [admin: please use "link" to point to URLs, don't include them in your main text.] [jutta, Oct 01 2002]

Animal instincts in vehicles http://tale.com/tit...e.phtml?title_id=64
Pick your instinctive behaviors carefully. [lurch, Oct 01 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Cyborg Fly Pilots Robot Through Obstacle Course http://spectrum.iee...ugh-obstacle-course
Swiss researchers have used a fruit fly to steer a mobile robot through an obstacle course in the lab. They call it the Cyborg Fly. [xaviergisz, Aug 28 2010]

Library sign https://www.faceboo...k&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R
[pashute, Sep 03 2023]


       Brings up a frightening mental image of a group of mini vans driving in aimless circles around a street lamp. :)
Ardd, Oct 01 2002

       I enjoyed the laughs, but please stop laughing at this idea. If there is anyone serious on neural and insect research, as well as bio-technology, I will be glad to hear about it.   

       I seriously think it is almost ready for baking.
pashute, Oct 01 2002

       the "Roachster", Thomas Easton. From a serial in Analog SF, Oct/Nov/Dec 1989. See link.   

       I keep thinking, though... when an accident does occur, who gets held responsible? "Well, squash my bug!"
lurch, Oct 01 2002

       We're laughing *with* the idea. Not *at* it.
thumbwax, Oct 01 2002

       "My Moth the Car".
blissmiss, Oct 01 2002

       Remotely controlling/technologically enhancing insects is valid research in the US DOD commuinty.   

       But, before you go and give the bugs some nifty little cars, just think of the implications. First bug cars, then bug tanks, then bug aircraft, then bug ICBMs. Bugs WILL rule the earth and it will all be your fault.
dag, Oct 01 2002

       RE: Insect causes an accident link above... //How could this injury have been prevented? //   

       How about hit the brakes when you realize you can't see where you're going?
XSarenkaX, Oct 01 2002

       [pashute], what is the point of this experimental idea? If you want to study the patterns of movement that species of insects make, why not study them directly? Why hook them up to huge vehicles?
XSarenkaX, Oct 01 2002

       The bugs would love to see us splatting against their windshields/-screens.
FarmerJohn, Oct 01 2002

       I reckon a bee would have navigated my car back home better than I did on saturday night. rear-wriggling seems to be the key and I cannot get the hang of it.   

       half a croissant - sorry I was hungry.
po, Oct 01 2002

       found the pub - wiggled about a bit - then got lost - despite much wiggling - where did I go wiggly?
po, Oct 01 2002

       hehehe.. 'twas the yamahito effect..   

       seriously, there was something going on with people getting lost/delayed afterwards: DrBob and the subway, Zircon and the trains, not to mention po.   

       And my driver took over two hours to escape from London - we managed to cross the river without crossing the river.
yamahito, Oct 01 2002

       [xaviergisz] Farz I can tell, the link doesn't describe //connect[ing] the insect's brain to a computer// , except in the trivial sense that it connects the insect's *behavior* to a computer. Input to the fly is vision, via its eyes; output is motion, via wing-flapping. No different from BF Skinner's missile-piloting pigeons half a century ago, (and vastly inferior to a seeing-eye dog) except that the animal doesn't need to be trained.   

       Last I checked, systems in which nerve cells and semiconductor computers really are integrated into a hybrid network do exist, as research tools for understanding biological neural networks -- so this is probably bakeable, & maybe even baked. I question its *usefulness* though.   

       Frankly, I'm not a big fan of using *human* brains to steer automobiles.
mouseposture, Aug 28 2010

       Perhaps more achievable might be to have an ant's movements controlling a gigantic ant exoskeleton
hippo, Sep 04 2023

       At least it will occasionally get out of the way of first responders. Instead of cruise, call it buzz. It'd be a great way to see the city even if you might end up upside down in a kitchen.   

       [+] for the laughs
mylodon, Sep 05 2023


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