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Pedestrian flair

Free tags for pedestrians and cyclists
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Manufactures of smart vehicles should provide, free to the public, RFID (or whatever) tags that will assist their vehicles in identifying pedestrians, bicycles, cats, dogs, etc. This would be another layer in the computer's determination of what was actually there.

It should be standardized so that you don't have to wear 20 pieces of flair to be safer.

nomocrow, Mar 20 2016


       Excellent. [+].   

       This would greatly improve target discrimination - IFF for potential roadkill …   

       Would the tags carry "value" data ?Typically, a slow, elderly pedestrian scores far fewer points than a young, agile cyclist …
8th of 7, Mar 20 2016

       Not free to the public. Some genius will put "cyclist" on a lamp-post. But I do like the theory, even if the current progress in machine vision renders it unnecessary.
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 20 2016

       Re: data type completely anonymous, but could have average speeds, etc. All data would go to Central, so tags left out for a goof would be identified as stationary for x number of minutes, etc., certain tags would be identified as faster or slower, etc. one it started crunching the numbers, tags would have their own characteristics; anomalies should be weeded out pretty quickly.
nomocrow, Mar 21 2016

       No. The sanctity of the pedestrian inalienable and cannot be embodied by a mere object.
the porpoise, Mar 21 2016

       Is a car programmed to swerve and hit another car or stationary object to avoid a pedestrian? Will the presence of a tag override the optical or radar sensor data? Could a carefully thrown flair result in a well planned accident?
scad mientist, Mar 21 2016

       // cannot be embodied by a mere object. //   

       What, not even a black marble headstone ... ?
8th of 7, Mar 21 2016


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