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mmmmmm salt'n'vinegar
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Dissolve baking soda into strong vinegar until neutralized and evaporate to make sodium acetate.

Dissolve sodium acetate in boiling flavored water, cherry, green apple, whatever might go well with sour.

Refrigerate boiled mixture for at least one hour.

It can now be allowed to return to room temperature, packaged, (I was picturing smallish slurpie looking cups with a removable cap for the straw hole), and shipped.

When the cap is popped and the straw is inserted the contents of the cup will instantly crystallize, if it is stirred as it crystallizes it becomes...
... insta-slushie.

Instant ice http://video.google...&hl=en&sitesearch=#
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 26 2008]


       Supposedly "hot ice" is not edible (I find that hard to believe as sodium acetate is a common food additive). Anyway, cool idea +
Spacecoyote, Jul 27 2008


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