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Instant Inflatable Party

Moved to a new area and what to party with some friends, well just pull the cord and let the fun begin.
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This handy piece of kit can help you out, by simple pulling the cord a inflatable floor will appear followed very qickly by 6 blow-up friend. It has a music system attached to play what ever style you feel like, say I'm pogoing with my new blow-up party friends (Stoogies please), or some easy listening for a cocktail party (comes with a range of interchangeable clothes), a light wispering conversation tape or cd track to give your neighbours the idea that it fun all the way with you and being flame prove you won't set youself or you guest mates on fire, and finally at the end of the night instead of having to get rid of guest all you do is pop the bouncy party floor and pack them away for a fun night when ever you want! An addition would be an version that was for childern with an inflatable clown as an extra option
A_guy_with_no_tie, Aug 24 2002


       not bad, but I was hoping for an inflatable bouncy party floor/room/house/town hall which you and your real friends could make use of...... perhaps with in-built jelly dispensers, custard points for the discerning party-goer and a vast selection of cake and fine wines...
The_Englishman_Abroad, Aug 24 2002

       But isn't it just a set of blow-up dolls with a sport coat?
RayfordSteele, Aug 24 2002

       Umm... yeah.
ImBack, Aug 25 2002

       You'd have to be pretty careful with the cocktail sticks.   

       "I say, Tristan, one really has to be devilishly aggressive in the commodities market these-" Poot-ssssssssssssss "Tristan, Oh, my God!" ssssssssssssssssss "Talk to me, man, talk to me." sssssssssssssssss "For the love of God, is there a bicycle-repair-kit in the house?"   

       Also, I'd have to say that a room filled with artificial people, with a disembodied murmuring in the background, sounds, well, a little creepy - especially with clowns. {{{{shudder}}}} Clowns.   

       As the man said, "This is my happening, and it freaks me out!"   


       Bouncy party floor = one croissant
Creepy clown = one fishbone
Stooges reference = one croissant
Stooges misspelling = one fishbone
Overall result: neutral
Guy Fox, Aug 25 2002

       Clowns Just Rock
Dr Arturo, Sep 01 2002

       I prefer real people. Fishbone.
pashute, Nov 02 2002

       I adore this idea. I cannot tell you how happy I would be to get one of these for Christmas. It's so bizarre!   

       Wherever you are, [guy_with_no_tie], this one's for you. +
k_sra, Aug 26 2003


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