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Self Adjusting Ball

High Tech "Hot Potato" kind of game
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OK. This is a bit odd, but what if you had a ball, similar to a small basketball that had an electronic mechanism inside of it that could alter its own pressure while it was being bounced.

Various games could be played where the ball could, at random intervals, simply deflate itself momentarily causing a sudden loss of its ability to bounce.

Players could dribble like in basketball, passing it back and forth until it deflated. The player stuck with it then is out.

zigness, Feb 15 2004


       And it's [DeGroof] with the assist!
ConsultingDetective, Feb 16 2004

       Having a shot clock built into the basketball is a GREAT idea. When time expires, *pfffft* no more shooting.
Letsbuildafort, Feb 16 2004

       silly question. how do they time it now?
po, Feb 16 2004

       With a clock on the wall, the ref blows his whistle if it expires. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Feb 18 2004

       //simply deflate itself momentarily // the momentarily bit could be a problem. You'f have to have a pressurised cylinder perfectly balanced in the middle of the ball I reckon but you'd need a valve built into the side of the basket ball which would unbalance it. You could have counter wieghts I suppose but I dunnno how well that'd work
q2cannonfodder, Feb 18 2004

       exactly as cannonfodder stated, the electronice will throw the cg of the ball so far off you cant throw it without it wobbling
morbiddesire, Feb 19 2004

       More men should have these ...
k_sra, Feb 19 2004

       You beat me to it....although I'm not sure what feedback mechanism I'd be comfortable with. Is it adjustable ?
normzone, Feb 19 2004

       By the way, I'm thinking about a mechanism here that can suck air into a pressurization vessel as well as release it to make this thing work...
zigness, Feb 22 2004

       [Steve Degroof], Exactly.
zigness, Mar 06 2004


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