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Instant Parking Space Reservation

Because you saw it first!
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I was looking for a place to park while at the mall today when I saw a space somewhat near the front door. The only problem was that I was in the adjacent row and I had to drive around the aisle of parked cars in order to get to it. I was navigating my way in that direction, however, I was constantly slowed down by various obstructions (e.g. pedestrians, opposing cars, etc.) and what made it frustrating is that the whole time I could see the space and the path that I had to take to get there but I could not make it before someone else took it. The other person was driving through the parking lot in a leisurely daze as if he wasn't sure whether he wanted to drive, park or whatever. When he saw the empty space, his reaction was as if he was thinking, "Hmmm.. A parking space. I think I'll park here since nobody else wants it."

I propose that we have a device in our cars that will activate a beacon with LED's or strobe lights mounted on the ground towards the edge of the parking space indicating that someone has "claimed" the space and they are making their way in that direction.

Jscotty, Jun 06 2008


       //I propose that we have a device in our cars that will activate a beacon with LED's//
What the hell is wrong with knuckle-dusters?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 06 2008

       All you need to do is carry a spare shopping cart and a passenger with you...
ye_river_xiv, Jun 07 2008


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