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A simple deterrent?
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Require [a] parkers in short-time zones to leave a roadside window open and {b} parkers in long-time zones to leave their headlghts on full-beam.

Both schemes are instantly scannable by an enforcer but also self-regulating anyway [a] by fear of theft and [b] by fear of getting a flat battery

Both schemes are so simple they've got to have been tried somewhere, and failed.

The rayfo corollary to Murphy's Law applies : If it's any good someone else will have thought of it first - and found bugs in it.

rayfo, May 12 2001


       Leaving the window open is OK as long as there's nothing to steal in the vehicle, and it can't be started without the key. Witness convertibles, often left parked with the top down.   

       Instead, I suggest requiring that the car be left running, with the key in the ignition. And a baby in the back, slowly roasting in the sunlight and smothering in CO...   

       These schemes penalize those with expensive cars or weak batteries.
egnor, May 12 2001

       I prefer the idea where you inflate the Earth. This will stretch out the surface and make room for more parking spaces, see...
Duffi, May 12 2001

       This is true Peter...and an additional upside to this method is it creates a market for people in the chalk mark erasing business.   

       And Duffi...I gotta say...the inflateable earth thing slayed me...and I mean they say the universe is expanding...
grackle, May 13 2001

       It seemed like a good idea to me, too! Just need to replace those troublesome tectonic-plate thingys (which are always bumping around and causing earthquakes) with a nice layer of stretchy latex or something.
Duffi, May 13 2001

       Plan [a] for short-term parkers, back in my high-school days, netted the left-over McDonalds bag [inclusive of the empty milkshake cup and straw]. An extra incentive to return early: car won't get stolen and front seat won't have my lunch packaging in it.
Grog, Sep 17 2002

       I think an effective towing campaign would be enough of a deterrant. If you find your car towed enough times, you'll either realize the hard way that there are other ways to get from A to B than by using a car (which would be a good thing) or make the firm decision that you will in future respect the parking time limits (also a good thing).
jvonr, Sep 18 2002


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