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Instant art

Photocopier + microwave = instant art
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Parallel invention goes on all the time and everywhere but maybe these two tricks wlll be new to a lot of halfbakers with an artistic flair and a need for immedate cashflow - like one of my grand-daughters. She arranges [and rearranges!] sprigs of graceful vegetation on the glass of a black and white photocopier and then adds touches of water-colour to the prints. Signed, they sell well at market-stalls, no two being alike. . . . The other trick which we invented/re-invented? together, was seeking a quick way to flatten flowers and leaves for the copier. We tried the microwave, with instant results. We arranged non-bunchy-type flowers and leaves between layers of paper under a weight and used very short time-settings.
rayfo, Aug 13 2000

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       Uh, I think PeterSealy forgot the category of "just plain really stupid." (Not this idea, just for the record).
rmutt, Aug 25 2000

       why would you photocopy your microwave?
benfrost, Mar 21 2001


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