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Maze Mice Make Macramé

Roped running rats are knot nimble.
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Yes, you too can enjoy the delightful hobby of mouse macramé, the art of decorative knotting by labyrinth rodents. With our innumerable combinations of mazes and mini-mammals, you’ll soon be producing belts, plant hangers, chairs and chokers to astonish friends and impress relatives.

When you take delivery of your starter kit with mice, mazes and patterns, you’ll be surprised to find it so easy to set up and run. Our laboratory rats are well trained and know the ropes. Just lay out the cheese-baited labyrinths according to your chosen pattern, place the mice in their starting boxes as per their color-coded collars, tie a cord to each collar, hold the “reins” and open the starting gates. Like Disney’s Cinderella come to life, the scurrying rats, twisting and turning through the crowded corridors, will weave a wondrous paw work right before your misty eyes.

Later you can advance to design your own mazes and have a whole stable of bobbing and weaving, petite pets. Be like Billy-Bob of Winnebago whose mice keep his shoes tied, and fashion ethereal bows to adorn presents and the hair of his “Sugar dew”, or do like Miss Clarice of Manchester, who traded a mouser for the mouse duo, Mickey and Minnie, who knitted a mousey sweater for nephew Neville. His emphatic response, “Rats!”

FarmerJohn, Aug 31 2003


       //know the ropes// haha.   

       note to supplier: what are all these little black bits in the placemats I made?   

       these mice, they are, umm, multiplying somewhat - do you want some back?
po, Aug 31 2003

       I don't worship FarmerJohn. I respect and admire him + his talent for writing and drawing is obvious. by the way he earned my respect with his goodnature and patience and kindness, so there :P
po, Aug 31 2003

       "Rats" is an inside joke 'round these parts. Master-baiting has it's time and place, but to kick a 'baker's 'tubby-feet out from under them for merely laughing at 3 words, posing a few questions and sharing 3 words of advice about being a decent human being is presumptious, petty and vindictive.   

       I agree with you on many, many other ideas and annotations you've offered, but not with the tactics employed on this one or a couple of other ideas. It may not have occurred to you, but in the 'bakery, Form and Function are not set in stone as to which leads and which follows. Sometimes the cart is in front of the horse in the halfbakery universe. This is a forum of escapism, try to not find and/or drag personal politics into it. There are 490,000,000 web pages to choose from to do that.
thumbwax, Aug 31 2003

       I suggest you go to the help page, read the first sentence of paragraph 2 under Ideas. Excellent idea, Farmer John.
lintkeeper2, Aug 31 2003

       I would, but he refuses to dry my dishes.   

       //Further proof from the phrase "laboratory rats".// //Rats" is an inside joke 'round these parts. // When rats start typing.....Watch out!! ( I know nothing of the inside jokes here. )
LabRat, Aug 31 2003

       Surely somebody like UB or FJ could get some kind of high-paying job for some company as a Product Designer? I bet The Sharper Image would jump on your stuff. Is it some kind of "I won't sell my ideas" thing?   

       This probably isn't a new question. Oh well. Go ahead and tell me to fuck off if you (you being whoever cares to address the question) must. This has been on my mind for a while, but I'm relatively new to the 1/2b so I don't know the answer to my question.   

       Shutting up.
Eugene, Aug 31 2003

       I’ve said before that all may feel free to use any of my ideas. Those few that may seem practical would demand a lot of time and money to develop and market. I’m pretty satisfied with what I get out of life, and the bakery is the icing that keeps me striving and chuckling.
FarmerJohn, Aug 31 2003

       Eugene, you're not off-base. Going out and baking ideas for fun and profit has been discussed around here before. I was actually going to do it, at one point, before I became employed again and had no time.
RayfordSteele, Aug 31 2003


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