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Liquid-Crystal Kaleidoscope

A good blend for fun
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Different liquid-crystal shapes sandwiched in glass in many layers so as to add depth to the existing filler material also in the kaleidoscope.

The rotation of the crystal and materials creates many different circuits so the bits turn on and off in different combinations.

sartep, Jun 02 2004


       \\Good idea, but simplify it.\\   

       Why not just give the child a tube that consists of 3 mirrors in a triangle? They can point it at their drawings or whatever they want. Much simpler.   

       My problem with this idea in general is that I don't feel it would be a significant improvement on existing kaleidoscope technology.
Thod, Jun 03 2004

       I'm with Thod on this one. Not everything is improved by putting batteries and microprocessors in them.
Salted Nuts, Jun 03 2004

       //Why not just give the child a tube that consists of 3 mirrors in a triangle?//   

       Because that has been done before, if your logic doesn't like more complicated things or new ideas then you probably may not like the whole premise for this website.   

       [Brau] What you have suggested is a different enough idea to post yourself.   

       I like your idea alot. It could even have a camera on it. Not only that, you could then save the pictures and send them over the web to friends or print them out.
sartep, Jun 03 2004


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