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Instant fire hole

Fire ventilating roof holes made fast and easy.
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Ventilating a fire by making a hole in the roof is a normal firefighting strategy, but it can be done faster and safer than having a firefighter get on the roof with an axe. A simple circuit of explosives can be used to make a fast hole in the roof, buying minutes of lower temperatures for firefighters. It can be thrown on top of the roof and remotely detonated.

It can also double as a way to make a quick entrance/exit for rescue attempts, although this has already become a tool in other industries/services.

twitch, Jan 13 2009

E-Z Breach http://www.ezbreach.com/
Never worry about locking yourself out of the house again! [MikeD, Jan 14 2009]


       This is a great idea. I, however, would not want to be the fire-man tasked with running up to a house fire with a high-explosive hoola-hoop. [+]
MikeD, Jan 13 2009

       C-4 should be alright. Best to wait for 8th to chime in on that one though.   

       Haven't seen him around lately. I'll attempt to draw him out.   


       Now we wait.
Texticle, Jan 14 2009

       It seems to me that to cut a hole a small explosive charge would have to be embedded in the roof - otherwise the blast would all go up and out.
bungston, Jan 14 2009

       blast would not have to go up. simple demolition explosive/anti-tank techniques could be employed, directing all energy downwards.
twitch, Jan 14 2009

       "Ooops, I didn't know you were standing there sir! I bet you looked very handsome before you got hit by the debris of the explosion..."
PauloSargaco, Jan 14 2009

       Explosives such as C-4/P-4 are usually used as cutting charges. A few wraps of det-cord around a hulla-hoop would do the trick if not for the truss supports. Linear shaped-charges are no new hat. I suppose a toroid shaped-charge would do the trick without too much shrapnel.   

       But, in my professional opinion, I beleive a water-impulse charge would be best suited for this.   

MikeD, Jan 14 2009

       There's a chainsaw made especially for cutting into roofs. The bar is at a 45 degree angle to make it easy to use on the sloping roof.
nomocrow, Jan 15 2009

       //Now we wait.//   

       I heard a wailing noise outside that sounded something like "EOSSACR!", but I can't see any sign of its owner.
pertinax, Jan 16 2009

       [MikeD] det cord won't do it, unless it's a house or something (and tamped). Your link looks neat though.   

       I would *not* suggest using C4 as the breaching element: it's way too fast, you'd break all the trusses. Likewise an earthmover like Tovex is too slow, you'd blow the roof into the basement before you put a hole in it... you want the baby bear's "just right": something that cuts a hole in the ashphalt without breaking the beams... maybe an echo "radar" thingie to find out where the supports are then blow around them.
FlyingToaster, Jan 17 2009


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