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iphone holographic dispay glasses

a pair of glasses with a holographic or transparent screen connected to an iphone like device.
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Basicly a pair of tinted glasses with transreflective lens and a video emitter. There are holographic scopes for guns that project a red dot about 3 feet a head of you aslo clear heads up displays of jets. Similar, but possibly with coated lensses or a transparent OLED screen. You could use them as ordany sun glasses but they also have a HUD.

This would project a huge screen infront of you. Also ear buds on the frames for sound, and a tiny camera on the glasses. With the screen now in the glasses the device wouldn't need a huge display and could be smaller or with more memory, ect. With 80 gigs and the attached camera and mic, you could record your entire day. A small ring on your finger would work as a mouse alowing you to surf the web and watch videos anytime, becuase the screen is transparent so you can look through it or turn it off with a tap of the mouse ring. You could wirelessly connect to a friend and access there video and audio, seeing and hearing everything thery are doing.

It gives you the ability to record every sight and sound around you, and access video, music and internet anytime. Great for law enforcement and the gov.

There would be problems with using it while working or driving. I have seen glasses with built in screens, but none are transparent like regular sunglasses, limiting your ability to do other things. The technology to create the holographic or transparent screen is or will soon be available and the iphone and other devices or here. People want entertainment 24/7. Just wait and everyone will have these in the next 10 years.

clamchowder, Feb 04 2008

Wear glasses? Like...ewwww...that's sooo last week. http://www.electron...-in-eye-display.htm
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 04 2008]

Mouse Ring http://www.extremec...om/fingertrack.html
The best part of this idea is also baked (albeit on a cable) [neutrinos_shadow, Feb 04 2008]


       A personal widescreen tv. I like it!
starvedison, Feb 04 2008

       Similar designs have been tried throughout the years, all of them performed unsatisfactorily and often left people dizzy.   

       I can fill my field of vision to about 80 or 90 percent, with nothing more than my laptop screen, so I don't see much realistic advantage of this over a laptop.   

       Tell me how you'd fix these problems.
Spacecoyote, Feb 04 2008

       public: fire ?   

       The mouse ring is the only element of this idea that I haven't seen countless times before. The reason we don't have all these things today is that the technology isn't powerful/small/cheap enough yet. As you said, everyone will have these in 10 years. It's like suggesting a mobile phone that fits in your pocket 20 years ago.
marklar, Feb 04 2008

       dispay = display ?
xenzag, Feb 04 2008

       Augmented reality headset, blah, blah, but could you fit a mouse in a ring? Not a mouse per say, but a bluetooth optical trackball that senses the movement of your thumb across the surface of a sensor in a ring? Battery life would suck, but being this is the HB, I can let that slide. The "ring mouse" sounds like the idea here.
MisterQED, Feb 04 2008

       Just paste your iPhone to your forehead. It's already capable of those functions. You might have a little difficulty getting the Govt. to release your personal records though! LoL!
Macdaddyx1, Feb 04 2008

       //you could record your entire day// And then the next day you could stay in and watch the video, and film yourself watching it, and the next day watch that and film yourself, and the next day watch that and dissolve into a narcissistic puddle and absorb yourself.   

       //Just wait and everyone will have these in the next 10 years.// I used to have a cut-and-paste of this phrase to add to ideas that were so damned obvious that we were only waiting for the technology to develop. Thanks for including it for me. Now all I have to do is point out that if this idea were deleted, wearable video screens and accessories would still be developed, just like we've already seen them in movies, and oh hey, in real life, too.
baconbrain, Feb 04 2008

       Let's hope that whatever drives the display comes with a spelling checker.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 04 2008

       And that spell-checker includes multiple language sets.
RayfordSteele, Feb 04 2008


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