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Instant wrath

Simple, prank calling service.
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Yes, a website for all your prank calling needs! Annoying neighbors, co-workers, family members, can all receive the your wrath, in the form of a prank call without you even needing to pick up the phone! Tired of being "found out" on prank calls, this is your answer!

Of course, this is not real. (yet) But really, wouldn't it be great to be able to pay a small fee of lets say, five dollars, for instant wrath!

filterX, Dec 01 2002


       We here at the 'bakery have our own form of instant wrath...   

       [edit, much later]   

       Just add water... Does it come in a powder or a liquid?
RayfordSteele, Dec 01 2002

       What's your number ?
skinflaps, Dec 01 2002

       No, what's yours?
filterX, Dec 01 2002

       THis is serious the stupidest idea on the face of world why would anyone want to prank someone from a website. There are a lot of free call websites just go there dumbass
7threalm, Dec 01 2002

       Isn't the fun of prank calls the effect you have on the callee?
Gulherme, Dec 02 2002

       Yes =P - I really just wanted to see what the response would be. Just as I expected.
filterX, Dec 10 2002

       Oh of course I knew! I just, um, I just wanted to see if you knew. Yeah, that's it.
bristolz, Dec 10 2002

       If I'm reading this right, it's already baked. You choose a scenario from a list, the company calls the target and you listen in on a silent line...scenarios that I remember were 'you've won some money', 'you smashed my car' and the like...I guess they aren't exactly prank calls like you mean...
inc_b, Oct 19 2003


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