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Insurance against accidental discoveries

Get protection against a blow in your self esteem for your discovery being accidental
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Many discoveries were made by accident. But some people, like some amateurs, who might do research in a more erratic way, can be more exposed to this "risk", and have to give away part of the increase in their self esteem just because they were lucky when they found something new. By setting a small amount of money aside each month to pay for an insurance such people could protect themselves against the loss of being deprived of part of their merit by accident.
wolfandtell, Jun 09 2020

Business Idea Payout https://imgs.xkcd.c...y_business_idea.png
webcomic illustrating payout for vaguely remembered business ideas [sninctown, Jun 28 2020]


       //a small amount// of what? Self esteem?
pocmloc, Jun 09 2020

       Of money, I have updated the text. Thanks.
wolfandtell, Jun 09 2020

       Some people think money is no substitute for self esteem. I like to blow by them in my Ferrari and then bribe the police to give them the ticket.
Voice, Jun 10 2020

       Surely this is baked then, since I understand that insurance agents will basically take your money for any and every insurance possibility.   

       I thought the idea of setting aside self-esteem would be more original.   

       There could also be an existentialist element to this, in that some people might feel better about accidentally discovering something, considering it a gift or a blessing from a god, or the fairies, or the universe, or something. For such people, individual credit would be a down-grading of their experience. "Well done you are so clever" <looks disappointed> You mean it was only me that thought it up? That's a crushing blow, I was really excited to think that the supernatural powers of Og-Hob-Fag had chosed to channel their ideas through me. Now you're saying that they ignored me and that this idea was just mine all along. I wish I had insured myself against the disappointment of finding out that it was only my own work after all.
pocmloc, Jun 10 2020

       Don't know 'bout no Og-Hob-Fag but something like 90% of my ideas and or discoveries have been channelled from... something other than my own conscious thoughts and I give total credit for these things to my subconscious mind, and I believe that it is the willingness to give credit where it is due that keeps them coming.
I'm pretty sure that the day I steal credit for something it showed me is the day it will stop showing me things.

       Crazy? Sure.
Functional? You betcha.

       True, we are all part of the overall wave equation whether there are local bets or not.
wjt, Jun 14 2020

       God does play dice with the universe. Wave function uncertainty is so strong that I'm not even in the same overall wave equation as I'm in!
Voice, Jun 14 2020

       Really high orders of complexity does hide stuff well.
wjt, Jun 14 2020

       You don't get to do that. You can't claim a causal link between quantum weirdness here and quantum weirdness there without proving quantum randomness does not exist.
Voice, Jun 14 2020

       I had a shrink many years ago that said there were no such things as accidents. (I was about 10 minutes late and I said I overslept and that it was an accident). Jerk.
blissmiss, Jun 14 2020

       //the supernatural powers of Og-Hob-Fag had chosed to channel their ideas through me//   

       "Menin aeide thea"
pertinax, Jun 15 2020

       [Voice] I thought it is always one wave equation of weirdness therefore giving the problem of the range/scope of looking.
wjt, Jun 15 2020

       I'm going to need about two more years before I can prove my point. I need more time with integration and quantum wave probability.
Voice, Jun 15 2020


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