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Insurance Complaints Line

Freefone Number To Complain about bad Drivers.
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So a guy cuts you up in town, or bombs past you on the wrong side of a narrow lane... It is a pain in the arse right?

So why not get a number to call, where you can quote his (or her) licence number along with a type complaint which can then be logged on a national database. Get enough complaints, and when you go to renew your insurance, your premium goes up.

This would encourage more careful considerate driving, by penalising those who drive recklessly, and are therefore a danger to other road users.

MikeOliver, May 05 2003

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       Rather too open to abuse. So, they'd have to provide some sort of appeals process which wouldn't really work as there'd be no evidence (apart from an anonymous phone call) to say whether you were driving recklessly or not.
Having said that, I don't know how those "How's my driving? Call 0800 ..." bumper sticker schemes operate, or ehether they're effective.
hippo, May 05 2003

       Sure, you may think that guy never let me out into that traffic cue, so i'm gonna grass him up. But it is likely someone will have to piss you off pretty bad for you to remember to phone up.   

       I would assume quite a few calls would be required to affect premiums to a certain degree, and to further verify claims, users could be asked for their own licence number.   

       Alternatively, a web site could be set up, with users registering to supply details. Everyone who signs up could be offered 5% off their next insurance renewal (which could be done online through the site), meaning only people with insurance themselves can participate.
MikeOliver, May 05 2003

       Similar idaes get posted regularly here.(see links)   

       There are so many different driving styles.   

       Insurance companies don't care about drivers.... They would love your excuse to lift premiums though. But that increase would soon filter down to other premiums.   

       Anyway, It amounts to mob rule. That's not a great idea.
peter2, May 05 2003


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