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Integer Cash Petrol Pumps

Someone please design a nice UI for these things.
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There are many, many concepts in software and game user interfaces to help the operator position points neatly in analogue systems. Snap to grid, sliders with buttons that move to the next exact multiple of (X), seperate controls for whole numbers and fractions, logarithmic timescales when holding down switches, preset user-defined margins..

Please, someone add any one of these things to the trigger of the humble petrol pump so that I never again purchase £10.04 worth of petrol. (Well, £2 of petrol and £8.04 of fuel tax. You know what I'm talking about, anyway.)

Mharr, Nov 11 2001


       [MHarr] I appreciate the sentiment, but what if I *want* $10.05 in gasoline?   

       [waugsqueke] What happens if $10.05 worth won't fit in the gas tank?   

       What this idea needs is [waugsqueke]'s keypad with a gas tank capacity sounder. The keypad won't let you specify more than the tank will hold (neither in money nor gas).
phoenix, Nov 12 2001

       what would they write the UI in? Visual GasTank++?
Sekio, Mar 14 2003

       Why not just use a credit/debit card? Wouldn't that eliminate the need for pocket change? It's not like you're not going to need that last 4¢, you'll use it eventually.
mlfnet, Apr 25 2003

       I've seen some pretty antiquated gas pumps that have little buttons on the side that say "$5 $10 $20". On most of the newer ones you can punch in the desire amount if you want beforehand. Better yet, if you like control more than automation, a lot of the nozzles have a varying speed depending on how tightly you hold them. I haven't had an oversqueeze in months!   

       Maybe it's because you're British. Start driving on the right side of the road and maybe things will shapen up. :)
rapid transit, May 20 2003


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