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Integrated Gas Turbine/Electric Generator

A car engine that is one samll unit which integrates a gas turbine with an electric generator.
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This is a design for an integrated gas turbine/electric generator for possible use in a car.

There is a link below the explanation to the picture of the design:

(Note: for simplicity, there are only two external combustion tubes next to the generator in the picture, but really there would be 6 combustion tubes evenly spaced around the circumference of the generator)

Here is the explanation:

All gasses move left to right. The device is contained in a cylinder. There is a fan in the front and back of the cylinder.

The blue is a centrifugal compressor. The grey is a combustion can. The light red is a centrifugal generator. The brown is an electric generator/starter motor.

The light blue is cool air. The dark blue is compressed air. The yellow is warm air. The dark red is hot combustion gasses. The orange is exhaust.

The advantages here are the device would take up less space, needs no external cooling system, and foil bearings can be used instead of ones that need oil.

EDIT: It's not powering the car mechanically, it is providing the electricity to power the car electrically (on-board generator).

platypuszilla, Aug 13 2009

Turbine Concept Design http://s978.photobu...neconceptdesign.jpg
[platypuszilla, Aug 13 2009]




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