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Melodious car engine

Tuneful vehicles
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At the moment, engines are generally noisy, so there is noise pollution and the sound of traffic is unpopular. However, engines don't just roar and clatter; they can also be induced to make whining and whistling sounds. Consequently, i propose that a new type of engine be designed that actually makes melodious sounds in action. The silencer, for example, could be a wind instrument, the camshaft could power a pianola or a gramophone record, the pistons pipe organs and so forth. In order to avoid cacophony, cars should be tuned to emit the right notes on particular roads. Moreover, the engine could be timed very precisely to enable the different parts to produce sounds out of phase with each other in order to cancel each other out and reduce musical pollution. It might also be possible to detect problems with the engine literally by the notes it sounds.
nineteenthly, Feb 19 2006

We Are The Champions http://www.autoblog...0-a-real-swan-song/
Singing Renault V10 F1 engine. [bristolz, Feb 20 2006]

Saints Come Marching In http://www.finlays....ages/downloads.html
Another F1 engine playing a tune. Melodious? Well... [bristolz, Feb 20 2006]


       The sensible thing to do is to make the engine sounds cancel each other out, which has been suggested before. Good luck with that.   

       Some people consider engine sounds to be musical already. Harleys, old Chevrolets, and new tuners all have their distinct sounds, and a lot of people work to make them sound the way they do. I love the sound of radial airplane engines "ringing and rumbling, softened almost into melody by the distance."
baconbrain, Feb 19 2006

       May I knock-off the idea of engines that are in tune only when they are in tune?
Voice, Apr 25 2008


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