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Intelligent Tackle Box

For weekend fishermen
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This is my first post, so please bear with me.

This idea is for fishermen like me who have no idea what the hell they are doing. It's a tackle box filled with all kinds of artificial lures, baits, etc. Each lure is marked with a number, and is in a corresponding marked slot in the tacklebox. There is a small electronic display on the side or top of the tackle box, probably OLED for efficiency and economic reasons, with buttons allowing you to scroll through options.

The way it works is this: You turn on the computer(for lack of a better word) on the box, and it starts up a list of questions. It asks you things like season, estimated water temperature, what time of day it is, and the type of fish you are trying to catch. Once you have inputted all of the info, it gives you the right kind of lure/artificial bait to use. Either it comes up with a number, and you go through the lures to find the right one, or there will be little LED lights in front of each slot that light up for the right lure to use. Like I mentioned before, each lure is numbered so it can go back into the right slot easily.

The purpose of this is so that people will have a little more help when fishing, so at least they are using the right lure for what they are trying to catch. The box would also contain neccesary things like fishing wire and weights, that have nothing to do with the electronic lure system, but are neccesary to fishing. The deluxe package will come with a rod and reel, all as one big boxed set.

Box http://en.wikipedia...thing_and_equipment
Tackle container [DenholmRicshaw, Jan 29 2006]


       I don't approve of fishing - but welcome to the HB.   

       I can imagine a lonely heart's version of your idea, full of boy/girl attracting tackle, ready to deploy over a weekend of fishing for a partner...... for weekend flasher-men ! +
xenzag, Jan 26 2006

       I'm sorry, this isn't halfbaked enough - why should you tell the box the local conditions? That isn't very "Intelligent".
It has built-in GPS, so it knows where it is, the season and the time of day.
It has built in wireless browser, so it has the local weather reports and satellite data for the nearest body of water - the only thing you should tell it is what sort of fish you want to catch.
Of course, if it were truly intelligent, it would simply hand you a box of matches and a stick of dynamite every time.
Welcome to the HB - nicely spelt and punctuated.
coprocephalous, Jan 26 2006

       Well, with the GPS and browser, the tackle box should be able to figure out what species inhabit the local waters, which ones are endagered, which ones are carriers of disease or contamination, etc. After about the fourth fishing hole where the tackle box says "I'd not recommend fishing here", I'd probably hand *it* the dynamite.   

       No, I think I prefer the way it was posted - particularly if each question was accompanied with some information about why and how the answer matters. You could learn a lot.   

       Plus it always gives you something to blame for those times you come home empty-handed.
lurch, Jan 26 2006

       Well part of the idea for this is that it is *reasonably* cheap.   

       Start adding GPS and wireless browsers to it, who the hell would want to pay 1500 bucks for a tacklebox? Thus the point of it asking you local conditions. You could use it anywhere at anytime, not have to worry about GPS and such, just answer a few easy questions and you have your lure.   

       Sometimes lo-tech is much better than hi-tech.   

       //Well, with the GPS and browser, the tackle box should be able to figure out what species inhabit the local waters, which ones are endagered, which ones are carriers of disease or contamination, etc//

...It should then be able to access the 'big database of fishing expedition records' and work out the probability of you actually catching anything and the likely size of the catch, based on the time you intend to spend at the site, complete with a printout of all the statistics and a nice picture of the fish you would have caught.

Then you can just put your feet up, drink your tea and read a book. Later on in the pub you can brag to your mates about your successful day and show them all the evidence.
DrBob, Jan 26 2006

       Add a component to record your results and download to a central database ([DrBob]'s 'big database of fishing expedition records'). Feed the info back into your lure selection routine. The box gets smarter.
Shz, Jan 26 2006

       Git' er done and someone please bake this thing. I need one.
Pac-man, Jan 26 2006

       Good idea, good spelling, good grammar, good paragraph lengths... Wow, you sure know how to enter the HB well!   

       Bun for you.
dbmag9, Jan 28 2006

       Well, when you grow up with both of your parents being English professors, it's kind of beat into your brain. Thanks [dbmag9].   

       I was disappointed to see that it wasn't a new item of equipment for cricketers.
DenholmRicshaw, Jan 29 2006

       Damn Brit.   

       Excuse me? There are some sane ones. Although my parents aren't from here.
dbmag9, Jan 29 2006

       There's nothing wrong with British people, I'm just "giving you a run, old chap."   

       Ok, which British person changed their vote to negative!?   

       I once played cricket without a box because the available boxes were nasty in many ways.

Fortunately, I was out in a few balls (as it were) so the other potential nasties - pain, hospital, sterility, Darwin Awards - were avoided.
DenholmRicshaw, Jan 29 2006

       "Neither a borrower or a lender be" is the old saying. Nothing truer was ever said as far as cricket boxes are concerned.

//the other potential nasties - pain, hospital, sterility, Darwin Awards//

You missed the main item off of that list. Rib-bursting hilarity for everyone else in attendance. When you're rolling around on the floor with your testicles lodged somewhere just under your ribcage, there's none so lacking in sympathy and a little human compassion as your mates.
DrBob, Jan 30 2006

       Pauses in wonder at the wiseness and correctness of the last annotation.
DenholmRicshaw, Jan 30 2006


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