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Intelligent image cropping and search

An open source algorithm for smart selection in images (and videos)
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This algorithm learns from millions of users constantly teaching it new things about what is to be considered when looking at an image, so instead of the unintelligible math based algorithms which do edge detection and contrast or hue border discovery, this algorithm actually understands its looking at letters on the grass of a baseball team, or a person with a tie and three peace suit, and that white thing is not something outside the selection, but rather part of the shirt collar so it goes at the first shot, together with the shirt.

Then you "zoom in" to see the parts. It has a complete semantic web of terms connected to the shapes and textures it "sees", which can then be constructed into a search-base, and can be utilized for smart retrieval, and also fast reconstruction of vector type images with rastor quality.

pashute, Apr 03 2014


       How does this work?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 03 2014

       Magic, of course.
Spacecoyote, Apr 03 2014

       Google+ is offering something similar, with auto- highlights (getting the best 30% of your full set) & auto color/crop/etc. & Recognition of famous / common things.   

       I don't fault you for not knowing what Google+ is doing, & have on their roadmap, as almost nobody uses it.
sophocles, Apr 03 2014

       I meant as a second level analysis, of course AFTER edge detection and other image digital signal processing. The technology for this is as old as Marvin Minsky's book The Society of Mind about "connectionism" when people were still excited about what AI can achieve.   

       And the google+ thing is very interesting. I'm saying recognizing not by an preconceived algorithm, but by having people show shapes and parts of pictures and classifying them, similar to face tagging (which I think started in Google's Picasa)
pashute, Apr 05 2014


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