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Joke Generator

Modified Expert System to suggest Jokes
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Jay Leno pays multiple groups to come up with items to make fun off. These groups do have brain storming sessions to refine ideas, but the seeds of the ideas are created somewhat mechanically.

For example, if the context was New York, the database would indicate lots of things in New York. THe Statue of Liberty is in New York. The Statue of Libery has a torch. Torches are used for light using Fire. Fire is HOT. Another item in the database indicates that New York Winters are VERY COLD. So it picks a Joke Template, and you get:

When I was in New York it was so cold, the Statue of Liberty was sitting on her torch.

InsanityKlaus, Nov 20 2003

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Shameless self-promotion.. [yamahito, Oct 04 2004]


       Joke telling is a fucking organic process. The best jokes aren't mechanical, and your example is a really sucky joke. I am mad.
Eugene, Nov 20 2003

       [Robert C] - I suspect/hope that a little more in the way of database search criteria is implied. The system would cross-check and notice that bread is commonly made of wheat all over the place, thus it is not an interesting or unique feature of a farm.   

       It would then move on to something else, perhaps coming up with:   

       When I was eating food, it was so from a farm, even the bread used to be someone's pet.   

       Which is admittedly not particularly funny, but I think that it's heading in the right direction.
benjamin, Nov 21 2003

       Out of everything so far on this page, [Robert_C]'s contribution is the only one that's made me laugh.
PeterSilly, Nov 21 2003

       UK version of the joke database:   

       Now computing......
Results pending......
Output commencing......
System overload!
dobtabulous, Nov 21 2003

       Living breathing Joke Generator = Dubya   

       [Rods] Thank you. Just inhaled my gum (the chewing kind not the kind with teeth sticking out (unless the chewing gum is VERY chewy)).
squeak, Nov 21 2003


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