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Interactive drone firework display

Spectators interact with drone display using fireworks
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How much does a seriously big airburst firework cost? A shit ton of wonga. How much does a drone cost? Probably getting down to 5c on alibaba if you order a few million. How much would people pay to attend this new interactive show? Massive eye-watering ticket prices.

So equip the spectators with fireworks launchers (launchers can have safety features including tip switch to disallow firing below 45° elevation etc. etc.)

Spectators can interact with the display by trying to shoot down the drones using fireworks.

pocmloc, Nov 05 2022


       I like this. Think I'll steal it.   

       Put the explosive in the actual drone, shoot it with a rifle.   

       Be more challenging too. Pretty sure one shot from a big enough firework... what's the singluar of fireworks? Anyway, a singular explody thing could take out an entire swarm.   

       [+] as royalty payment for your intellectual property.
doctorremulac3, Nov 05 2022


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