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Flying Spring

energy storage drone
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Duck tape a bunch of bird feathers along a heavy two foot high coiled iron spring. Put a motor on it, with a weight slightly off center so that the motor wobbles, the kind they put on top of those little toothbrush heads. No wait make it two motors, or three or more. And then the balance between the motors could be worked out by software. The spring will get into a standing vibration and the feathers along the spring wil adapt to the air.
JesusHChrist, Nov 26 2016


       //the feathers along the spring wil adapt to the air   

       Charming place Wil, (Canton St. Gallen Switzerland). ..twinned with Dobrzen Wielki‎ (Poland), magnificent floral clock and all that..   

       I'm still trying to work out why the feathers will adapt to the air, when airless environments aren't know for promoting the development of wings, feathers and all that kind of stuff.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 26 2016


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